Special from MT Knives – Genesis II — 9 Comments

  1. I am a knife dummy. Can someone tell me what one would use this knife for? I’m sensing that this is a really good deal, but I’m not sure how to use it.

    • I am just not sure how to answer this question, it is a knife you use it like a knife. It is meant to be worn on your neck so it is always handy.

    • My wife wears one all the time and uses it for opening packages, food prep, trimming strings…. When you have a knife handy you find all minds of uses for it, then you wonder how you ever lived without one. Same goes for a flashlight. Guys at work use to give me a hard time for carrying one during the day but the next thing you know they was always wanting to barrow mine ?

    • Oh OK! Thank you. The only time I ever use knives is for food prep, and it didn’t look like that kind of knife. You’re probably right Patrick – I’m sure I could find all kinds of uses for it if I had it with me all the time!

  2. Jack what is the MSB discount code? I didn’t see it when I logged in to the MSB area. Thanks!

    • Well given it is being sold by TSP Gear, the code you want is for TSP Gear.

    • Hello David. Did you find a way to get your MSB discount? I am having the same problem. This is my first try at ordering anything using my MSB membership and I can’t seem to get any discount unless I need to enter a promotional code, which I don’t know.

      • Okay again, this discount is offered by TSP Gear not MT Knives so you use their discount code. To do this….

        One log into the MSB at

        Two click on Benefits after you log in

        Three there is a list of all the discounters click on TSP Gear it will jump to the blurb about TSP Gear, that will give you the code.

        Tip – if you are having a hard time finding something on any web page, type control F it will open a search box, start typing the word you want and it will make it easier to find.