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    • horatio,

      Great question, this is the some of the best quality of steel on the market today, with superior cutting performance. However steel isn’t the only factor in a quality knife, this steel has been heat treated in a way to maximize the performance of the steel. Even in a knife so basic as this one it goes through over a dozen different processes and with 6 different American companies doing different stages of the work. I personally inspect every knife to make sure it is to the quality I expect to bare my logo.

      With this in mind and comparing it to other like it on the market today (XHP is a rather new steel and due to it’s cost not many other companies use it) It is fairly priced. And I ask anyone who doesn’t feel that way to not purchase one. I am one who enjoys high performance tools, when I am working in my shop I mainly buy the best equipment on the market. I believe it pays for itself, and is enjoyable to use. I feel my knives are the same way if you prefer high performance that is enjoyable to use.

      Everyone has different things they would spend more money on like golf, fishing, guns, coffee, food, art and the list goes on. Don’t spend money on something you won’t enjoy and appreciate.

      Thank You,

      Patrick Roehrman
      MT Knives

  1. What a sweet branded knife!
    To horatio who asked “What make a knife worth $170?” Seriously? Quality of materials, quality of workmanship, years of experience brought to the task, limited supply, time spent to design and to handcraft each one, the fact that it is not imported…enough reasons?

  2. What makes it worth 170? Have you ever had a custom knife and not some mass produced piece of crap? 170 is a steal. Ill admit I have purchased four knives from Patrick at MT over the years. The quality has just gone up and up and up. Razor sharp doesn’t come close to describing what he produces. His knives are scary sharp. Lets not forget its made in America and you know who directly your supporting with your business. He makes himself available for contact day and night. He is a great guy with a loving family that I intend on continue to support. If you buy one I know your going to buy more.

  3. 170 is really not that much for a custom made knive. Sure there are cheaper knives, but that’s they catch, they are cheaper.. If someone is looking for quality in whatever it is, you have to pay for. Pat makes nothing but quality. Very similar in philosophy to what Apple has been doing, create nothing but quality products, and let the other guys create cheap products that preform at a inferior level.