Special Deal on Hand Made Soap for TSP Listeners — 9 Comments

  1. I ordered- but i couldn’t find comments field. I have gone back through pages & still can’t find where I was supposed to enter that info! I have emailed them so I hope it is ok.

    • the comments can be added on the paypal checkout screen when you’re at the ‘Review Your Information’ screen. there is a link just below your address that says ‘Add special instructions to the seller’


      • Thanks- i was looking for a field not a link, and at that page i hit back button to look for it…. I already ordered now, and have emailed them. I assume it won’t be a problem.

        • They were very prompt when handling my order and I’ll bet by the time you read this they will have already been in touch with you. I’m down to my last two bars ( I ordered the 8 bars) and I’ll be ordering from them again shortly.

  2. My husband and I ordered soap a couple of weeks ago from Simply Cleansing and it is wonderful! We love it and the whole family uses it!! We will definitely continue to buy from them and we highly recommend it…even without the fantastic Valentine’s sale.

  3. Folks,

    Their soap is totally fantastic. As a diabetic I continually fighting skin fungal problems. Guess what, since removing commercial products and going with the Tea Tree oil soap from these folks, not one single problem. And oh yeah, it leaves the skin soft and squeeky clean. I even use the bar soap on the scalp and the dandruff has disappeared. Great job Emily. Saving my change up for a custom knife from Patrick btw. Thanks for all that you do.

    • Tea tree oil is excellent. I use bronner’s tea tree oil soap, and just ordered bars from simplycleansing with tea tree oil. I find it kills fungus & bacteria.

  4. I would like to say that was a great show you all had!!!!!
    But instead of buying some bars from you I just bucked up and made some myself!!! Something I have been thinking about doing for years you guys on the show just made me get it done!!!!! Thanks!!!!

  5. Just want to give a huge shout-out Simply Cleansing. Check this story out…

    I took advantage of the full deal (buy 7, get the one 8th free + buy 1 get 1 free, per this TSP promo) that Jack suggested in this entry. I went through the ordering and, for the life of me, could not figure out where to specify the soaps I want, nor where I could say ‘hey, I heard about this via TSP’.

    So, after completing the order, I sent an email through the ‘contact info’ on their site that specified which soaps I wanted and the deal that I was taking advantage of. I got no response (and being a nervous nellie, I started worry).

    As it turns out, no response was necessary. Within 48 hours of (2 business days!), the package of soaps that I requested in the email arrived at my door. Un-friggin-believable!

    Awesome job, Simply Cleansing. Thanks for the tip, Jack. As usual, your partners are top-notch.