Special Announcement for MSB Members about the Coming Geoff Lawton PDC — 16 Comments

  1. Thanks, Jack. What an opportunity! I’m very anxious for details, such as how long will the course last? Personally, I’m hoping for a drawn out course that allows students to contemplate things and go a little slower. Regardless, sounds like this opportunity alone is well worth the price of admission into the MSB.

    FYI, I called in with a question about choosing a PDC instructor…I think I know how you’ll answer that now 🙂

    • A PDC is 72 hours of lecture and support material, but as this will be online you can simply watch things you need to hear a second or third time over and over.

  2. Re: not having to jump the gun. I thought Geoff said in one of the recent videos that there would be limited seats so that they could make sure to be able to answer all the questions. I didn’t get the impression that it would be only 50…but maybe 1,000 or so.

    • I was under the same impression. My concern was that the seats would be taken before I got the MSB info, so I wasn’t sure if it was retro discount or what. I trust Jack will make it work and if anything goes wonky he will make it right. Thanks for this incredible opportunity Jack, my finger is on the mouse ready to sign up 🙂


    • While I don’t know the true story, saying there is a limit is a well-known marketing technique to create scarcity.

      • @Mark Rose,

        I too am well aware of that technique, however you have arguably the worlds best permaculturest, one with a 20 (?) year track record, one who is only one generation removed from the innovators and you can see the demand may not be artificial. Now add a few more factors; He is not getting any younger, he has a family, and he is probably becoming tired of travel. Additionally he has leveraged the power of the internet and all its communication potential and I would submit he truly believes in greening the plannet.

        For me I have the time and resources to go just about anywhere in North America to get more Permaculture training. I don’t see my self getting to Australia any time soon.

        So here we are. And I am buying it.

      • @Mark Rose, Really I am SOOOOOOOO DAMN done with people and this type of shit about what Geoff is doing.

  3. Maybe Geoff could be pursuaded to save enough seats for MSB members…? I also recall him saying that seats would be limited in the online course.

  4. If I can figure out how to afford this, I am so in. I really liked your idea about doing urban permaculture consulting. One question… as it is online… there is no synchronization required right? Between the time zones and a day job… I might only have evenings and weekends for this.

  5. Glad you posted this – I was planning on signing up when it goes live today, didn’t realize that there was going to be an MSB discount. Awesome!

  6. Hey jack, not sure I will be able to afford this right now, but I wanted to say thank you for grabbing the discount for us. I appreciate you always trying to make that more valuable .

  7. Jack, thank you so much for getting us the MSB break. I may still not be able to afford it but truly appreciate the lengths you’ll go to in order to take care of the team. You’re a true sheepdog – 299 Days style.

    I’m also concerned that, even if I can afford it, the limited slots will be filled before I can sign up. Coming from Geoff, I’m not convinced that statement is hype – he plans to participate and that will take a massive amount of time, thus the need to keep the class size controllable.

  8. Thanks Jack for the chance at gaining knowledge in an affordable manner. Your method of giving up personal gain for the good of the MSB is a great example to all of us as we gain knowledge that will benefit others. Looking forward to that email notice……………….!