Episode-1562- On Being a Sovereign Human — 21 Comments

  1. Just a small typo that could potentially be a problem, the Episode should be 1562, not 1662. Ok to delete

  2. Re: The raisin controversy, so glad to hear you touch on the madness of simultaneously working to keep the price of agricultural goods artificially high while simultaneously giving handouts/subsidies so the poor can afford to buy it. This kind of scam is really what the New Deal was all about, its was the institution of fascism in the U.S. and our “leaders” openly said as much all through the 30’s right up until we went to war with OTHER fascist countries and decided to rebrand our own policies.

  3. The witch hunts weren’t much different than the police of today.
    If they don’t like you, you’re doomed to be burned at the stake or move far away.
    Also forfeiture of property led to a lot of “witches” to being murdered.

    • Historically speaking… the forfeiture of property went to the King to pay for the circuit court system. “A jury of your peers” was used as a check on the system because there is a monetary incentive for the court to find you guilty. Your peers must agree… and they should not benefit.

      Nowadays citizens think they benefit from taking a Mercedes-Benz from a drug dealer but the only ones benefiting are district attorneys driving around in a confiscated, fancy new car.

      Alex Shrugged

  4. I think part of the problem is education on the fundamentals (not the religious kind). How many young people these days ever use, much less understand the context of, the word ‘sovereign’?

    ‘Self-evident’ and ‘inalienable’ are also words chosen for the trash heap by the modern gurus of political science. How can a person try to live by the words and beliefs of their ancestors if they don’t know what those words and deeds are? The stripping away of the American identity has gone into full swing, and has been effected by attacks on the very concepts and words themselves. The reason most people don’t recognize it is because it’s in the early stages, but by the time it reaches the finale, it won’t matter much either way.

    A little proof of this… back when I supported Ron Paul for President, I was debating a young man who was totally supportive of everything the government did (in the name of fighting terrorism, etc etc) and when I suggested that laws such as the Patriot Act violated the Constitution, that fellow told me that the Constitution was a conspiracy theory concocted by radical right wingers inside the Republican Party. He was totally serious. I promptly ended the argument and spent the rest of the night drinking heavily.

    • LOL! I would have done the same with one addition. After a sip of scotch, I would have looked him in the eye and said,

      “The republican party didn’t exist when the constitution was ratified, you are a special kind of stupid now aren’t you son”.

      In the closest voice to Sam Elliot I can muster.

    • @Ethan L. – Holy crap, that story is just scary on so many levels. I have found in my own experience that someone who knows that they don’t know, can at least be shown in the right direction, but the guy who thinks he knows and is completely misinformed is just a lost cause. That guy is worse than any lost cause I’ve ever encountered, and I thought I’ve dealt with some special cases.

      You bring up an interesting point with words that have been chosen for the trash heap. I would also add “fascism” to that list. I feel the same way about a lot of historical figures as well. Not just the typical whitewashing i.e. George Washington and the Cherry Tree, but why are people like Mark Twain, Nikola Tesla, and Helen Keller famous to this day in spite of generations of students not really being taught much of anything substantive about them in school. It’s not for the reasons we were told in school, there’s a lot of people who wrote books, overcame a disability, or invented something that we’ll never hear about.

      • That’s part of the real danger of political correctness, isn’t it? Every day it seems there’s more ideas, more words, more past deeds that are all quietly closeted away in order to keep people from forming opinions, or… dare they actually think for themselves and engage in open dialogue with their fellow humans. There are a great many young people now, even Americans, that see our founding fathers as evil, rich, white slave owners. Therefore, the education that might come from studying the deeds and fallout that came from the founding of our country is negated due to the vilifying of our national icons such as Washington, Jefferson, and Adams.

        Ultimately, what’s happening here is a ‘redrawing’ of the national perspective, one that will be made safe and pliable for the next generation of unwashed masses… people who will have no political, financial, or familial connection with America’s past, only its future. That may result in positive changes, but censoring huge sections of our nations’ history simply because this group or that group might find it offensive, that is extremely dangerous and the ignorance that emerges as a consequence of that censoring of ‘traditional American values’ will probably have to be repaid many times over in blood, sweat, and tears. A useless cost having to relearn historical axioms.

        The closest parallel I find is the whitewashing in Germany of the Third Reich and their acts and beliefs before and during WWII. The Swastika is banned, even discussion of Hitler and the Nazis is glazed over with a combination of political slight-of-hand and embarrassed guilt. So what better way to shed light on the horrors of unrestrained totalitarianism than to hide its crimes and its rhetoric and entice a whole new generation into supporting a more egalitarian form of it?

        The best way to become truly sovereign starts with the mind. One has to think for himself/herself for that journey to even begin. Sadly, with the current education system in place that leaves very few capable of it. We’re mentally hobbling millions of young people with political correctness and group think when we should be empowering them to think for themselves.

  5. This show is slowly becoming Alex Jones lite.
    Long-winded parables and philosophy sessions are boring.

    • If you feel that way don’t listen but from that comment it is clear you are not listening anyway.

    • LOL
      I can’t believe that I’ve waited for at least 5 years to hear Jack say that Alex Jones is categorically, without caveat, a dick. Jack has hinted at it plenty, but I needed to hear the actual words…….and in the very week that this great event finally happens someone says this is the “Alex Jones show lite”, we’ll you ruined it, I hope you’re happy with yourself.

      By the way. the only logical interpretation of ‘lite’ in this context would be to take the characteristics that typify Alex Jones and presume that TSP exhibits these characteristics to a lesser degree, so in this context that would mean:

      TSP has
      -Less Bullshit
      -Less weepy self aggrandisement
      -More intellectual rigour
      -Less distortion of historical events
      -A greater toehold on reality
      -A normal human voice

      So to quote a french soldier *enter python geek mode* Go and boil your bottoms, you sons of a silly person.

      : )

      • I shall add…………

        “Your mother is hamster and your father smells of elderberries……. now go home you silly Englishman before I taunt your further”.

    • “Long-winded parables and philosophy sessions are boring.”

      That’s weird, because those are half the reason I listen to this show. Maybe it is you who are boring.

  6. Jack’s story on the neighbor that prevented someone from building his garage reminded me of a story locally here… A local neighborhood has a law or rule or some shit, about NOT being able to park a boat on a trailer in your (own damn) driveway. Nobody cared, or likely was even aware of it, when the one hardworking guy who finally got a boat for his weekend enjoyment, parked it during the week. Well, his next door neighbor bitched, and the local government told him he couldn’t leave his (own damn) boat in his (own damn) driveway. He then went and educated himself, looking at the laws and determined that the driveway is in fact the ONLY area that has any specific rules or laws about storing boats.

    So what did he do? He parked it at the far end of his lawn, about 15 feet from the picture window of the neighbor who (couldn’t mind his own damn business and ) ratted him out to the local government.

    That is what you call irony.


    • This. is. awesome. I love everything about this story.

      I could never ever work for city/local government taking calls from the public. I would pull all my beautiful long hair out with the stupid, petty, immature complaints. I’d probably get fired for giving smart alec comments back to the callers and telling them to deal with it like adults. Same goes for being a cop – I wouldn’t be able to take the stupid little arguments that people call about. Thank God there are people that can handle these jobs.

  7. Jack, if we get rid of government, who is supposed to force people to live the way I want them to? What do you mean I should be the change I want to see?? That is ridiculous, I have a right to make other people do what I think is a good idea why should I have to do work to change the world for the better!

  8. Yesterday I had a discussion with a friend who supported the regulation of Airbnb in NYC. Her premise: People in NYC generally live in buildings with a locked front door to enter the building. Tenants (or owners) of apartments in those buildings are renting out their apartments on Airbnb and therefore many strangers are entering the buildings. The problem is a concern for safety and the occasional irresponsibility (e.g., trash, loudness) of Airbnb renters. Notwithstanding private dispute resolutions of this matter (i.e., lease clauses, CC&R by-laws), but on a more general principle: I should have the right to rent out my apartment on Airbnb but does that infringe on the rights of my neighbors?

    • No it doesn’t unless your tenant does something harmful which is no different than you doing it yourself.

      NOW if you willingly enter into a contract at purchase or anytime there after that that is a voluntary agreement and should be honored.

  9. This is the beginning of a new day. God has given me this day to use as I will. I can waste it or use it for good. What I do today is important because I’m exchanging a day of my life for it. When tomorrow comes, this day will be gone forever, leaving in its place something I have exchanged for it. I want it to be gain, not loss; good, not evil; success, not failure; in order that I shall not regret the price I paid for it. (author unknown)

  10. I think that people who want to go back to the constitution, should read the anti-federalist papers. Maybe read, “Hologram of Liberty” or some Lysander Spooner and see if they still feel that way. There was a time when I was all about going back to the Constitution, until I started reading those books. I ended up with far more questions than I had answers to, but it was hard to hold the same beliefs I had prior to reading those works.