Sorghum the Perfect Prepper Grain – Epi-3282 — 6 Comments

  1. Basic answer as I get the question is no, in reality sort of.

    Types of sorghum I mentioned were

    Mennonite Sorghum
    White African Sorghum

    These are grain sorghums but also really dual purpose. You can make syrup if you wanted and had the equipment from them but they are also excellent grain varieties.

    Sudan Grass x Sorghums are hybrids of the two plants, Sudan Grass is closely related to sorghum but these are not grain or sugar crops, they are cover crops, silage crops or grazing crops, depending on variety and use.

  2. The compound in Waco that puts on the Homestead Fair every fall grows and sells sorghum. I believe they also sell it as a popping grain-like popcorn.

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