How Quickly Some Predictions Come True — 25 Comments

  1. Jack,

    before I found your podcast I was that guy that listened Talk Radio, primarily because it was the only alternative I knew of to the MSM, and what they spoke of was closer to what I believed.

    I now listen to yours and other podcasts, I find myself spending more time doing what you suggest. I expend all that energy I used to expend hating and screaming and arguing on actually doing things that better my and my family’s lives.

    Change starts at home, Thank You Jack


  2. It has pretty much gotten to the point that I can predict almost every next move in the media, like viewing a really badly written B-movie where you can see the plot a million miles away. Keep up the good work Jack, BTW I have a custom item from Ivan for ya, I’ll shoot you an email.


    • @Russ, it is permaculture. It is called pattern recognition. The pattern is so repetitive that once you see it you can’t not see it.

  3. I would agree with all of that but add that facebook itself is a waste of time, as is twitter, etc. The clarity comes much easier when you clear out the clutter and ask yourself what you really need or want and what you can do just fine without, or even be much happier without.

    • I really don’t agree, TV is full of bullshit but you can learn and simply be entertained too. Guns can murder and rob people in the wrong hands we say all the time it is the person not the gun right?

      People don’t yet understand twitter, facebook, etc, for what they are. They are not fads and gimmicks, they are but the evolution of communications between individuals.

      For a business ignoring facebook today would have been about as bright as ignoring the phone in 1900.

  4. I understand that, especially for the business owner, but I personally find myself being happier and more productive the more I stay away from a lot of that stuff – and I even unplug or turn off the phone a lot.

    I have a feeling most people have high idealistic opinions about what things like facebook can do but are really just spending hours playing farmville on the toilet.

    If I had a business, I would no doubt feel differently and have a twitter and facebook account, but as it is now, I prefer to pick and choose carefully how I spend my time. After all, there’s only so much of it.

  5. Jack,
    I loved the podcast on individual leadership. Excellent. It reminded me of all the things that have made me successful in the past. Thank you.

  6. “Please now return to either worrying about pointless bullshit you have no impact over OR…”
    People still don’t think that agnostic means what I think it means… ERGGGGGG get em!!!

    Oh wait, there is a second part to that sentence. =)

    • @The New Mike,

      That is an it depends. That discussion from a “you’re wrong, I am right” angle is pretty pointless, indeed.

      But if we are seeking to understand each other it is very productive. While I think many that call themselves agnostic and atheist don’t even understand the words themselves, at least now I UNDERSTAND what they are tying to tell me.

      Frankly you can call yourself a crystal unicorn if you want to, I don’t really care BUT if I give a shit about you I would like to know what you are trying to convey to me when you do it.

      • It was tongue in cheek hah. Actually Insidious and I were talking about this vary topic over email just before you posted this.

        It’s just the classic spending your attention on something that can at best be called a distraction, of which depending on what you’re attempting to get out of the conversation is either enlightening (the situation you just described), or entertainment.

        I view pretty much anything “news” are purely entertainment, of which is always negative. (Giving making you distracted and angry about something, one way or another). It doesn’t matter if its fact, or made up, just so long as you’re influenced by it. I honestly don’t know anything about this whole “ISIS” stuff, and frankly whether or not there was or wasn’t some guy, who said something I should or shouldn’t be afraid of, hadn’t changed anything.

        The funny thing about all this stuff we “should be paying attention to” is that if we ever ACTUALLY needed to know about it, it would take about 15 seconds for somebody to explain the entire situation to you, enough so that you could take “appropriate actions”.

  7. LOL, never even heard of this. It’s better to just focus on family and yourself. Though the elites are really into their flags and buildings so that is the wrong threat to make. They should have send we will lower your minimum wage to $5 an hour then they would have had a better shot 🙂

    On your predictions piece. I went to the Family Fun Center with my family yesterday, first time in 3 or 4 years. Anyways, they put these card readers in everywhere, including on the rides. You get a card and for 2 of the attractions you just scan yourself in (mini-golf which dispenses you a ball and the kids playland which just let’s you in). There’s 2 positions that won’t be hired anymore. Most of the place is staffed with highschool kids which is really most of minimum wage anyways. The ticket dispensers and coin slots in the video games also worked off the same card system and there were ATM machines to put money on those cards.

    Now here’s the question what companies are going to make the most money in this space 🙂

  8. I’ll choose building liberty in my life over worrying about BS I have no control over every time.

  9. Taliban, Mujaheddin, Al-Qaeda, Fatah, Hamas, ISIS, it’s a long list of patsies and rogue cell groups. They’ve been pushing those fifth column proxies on the American people for far too long. The magic trick of fear is destroyed and the power base loses that ability to manipulate when the people stop believing the lie. All it takes is a different state of mind. Are we capable of being harmed as a nation? Sure. But it’s when we let the fear control us that we ultimately harm ourselves.

    Jack, I’m glad you’ve stuck to the argument of liberty and free thinking to your audience. It would be so easy (not to mention marketable) to go the other way and become yet another Glen Beck or Alex Jones and sell fear as a commodity. There are better ways. If we are to be Sentinels, then ignoring the white noise and keeping our eyes on the ball are a must.

    • What I need next is to get some of that video they always play of supposed wars going on with these idiots doing the fighting. Yesterday a guy was sitting in the MIDDLE of a road, on the damn painted line in the open with others walking around him firing a machine gun and it was shown as stock footage of combat.

      When I see such stupidity and realize most people buy into it, all I can hear in my head is the following,

      “Oceania has always been at war with East Asia”

    • Go to liveleak and search for ‘spray and pray.’ Tons of videos of rebel groups, terrorists and other local forces shooting at each other with rather ‘simple’ tactics. I’ve never been in combat, but even I was able to detect numerous mistakes that even a kid playing Call of Duty would recognize. Bunching up together, no OPSEC, no spatial awareness, no fire and movement. Just a bunch of guys huddled up around corners and sometimes out in the open… not even using scopes or iron sights. Rather sad, really. One well placed frag can end a whole squad acting like that.

      And those are the deadly, world ending baddies that we’re told we have to be worried about. I’m more worried about my drunk redneck neighbor on a weekend bender than I am those guys.

      • Yep because he can shoot, hell even Bubba hit the Jukebox didn’t he?

        The thing is these scum are mostly killing unarmed civilians. That is their MO, avoid force on force, kill the weak and use IEDs and such on the military opposition. Then play like you are “Fighting a War” on TV.

        Works fine in a nation where the average citizen is tired of war, scared and unarmed.

        I mean if ISIS went up against say some Texas deer hunters it would be a slaughter. Some of them boys would end up making ISIS Sausage!

        That said I don’t think ISIS could stand up to say well, the Crips or the Bloods or MS13. Let alone some of the citizen militias. As for them standing up to our military, well, um yea that isn’t even worth considering.

        • I remember reading a news article way back in ’06 that talked about how half a billion dollars worth of American hardware ended up in the hands of Hamas, when it had been destined for Fatah, who at the time were our pals. No country as powerful as the United States just ‘accidentally’ lets half a billion in trucks, rocket launchers, and machine guns end up in the ends of the enemy… unless it was planned that way. There are no coincidences in politics. A de-fanged and weak enemy serves no one. A well armed and hyped enemy serves many.

          One has to ask, who are the real dupes in these situations, us or them? I think the answer would be C – all of the above.

  10. To the Christian listeners of TSP, and all of those who just can’t seam to let it go. There is only one thing you can do.


    Pray, for the victims, for the aggressors, and for God’s will to come on earth as it is in heaven. After that, you need to let it go. You have given it to God, it is his concern now, not yours. Get on with your life. After all as Jesus once said.

    “Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to your life?”

    • Wise words but let me just caution you that far more people than just Christians pray. Jews, Christians, Hindus, Muslims, even Deists we all pray, in many different ways.

      Loved this quote by the way, “Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to your life?”

      I’d like to improve it as such,

      “Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to any life?”

  11. Jack, forgive me for being a couple months behind on episodes due to mp3 player issues but I don’t understand why anyone is giving you grief over your restating the obvious. To reinforce your point, guys like us could devise several waves of layers of plans for 5 guys to shut down America using off the shelf cheap stuff.

    We must assume the enemies of America could also figure this out.

    So why is this not happening? One or two or both reasons:
    1: It’s all media/government complex hype to keep us in fear of “terrorists”
    2: George Orwell: Haven’t we always been at war with Urasia?

    Let’s be real here. If I wanted to shut down a major American city all by myself using a deer rifle, I could do that. If that happened 5 times on the same day in 5 major cities, America would ground all the gasoline tank trucks and commerce would grind to a halt swiftly, panic would ensue, store shelves woulc be cleared and Martial Law would be declared. Because of 5 rednecks with deer rifles? What, the “terrorists” hadn’t thought that through?

    So why do we not see terrorists stopping America?
    I suspect it is because Uncle Sugar needs us to continue thinking we need him to protect us. Some of us are awake enough to know this is a lie and most of us are too distracted with bread, circuses, sports and religion on the radio to get their minds right.

    It’s like the “Cool Hand Luke” movie:
    “Every man who can’t get his mind right must vote for a Democrat or a Republican. Anyone not voting for a D or a R spends a night in the box” and of course you will no longer be invited to all the cool parties.

    Sports and religion cultures keep the great unwashed masses distracted.
    I forget to whom to attribute this to but it might have been Samuel Langhorne Clemens (I’m paraphrasing here…)
    “Occasionally someone stumbles across the Truth. Usually they brush themselves off and proceed as though nothing happened.”