Some Photos from the Denver Self Reliance Expo — 21 Comments

  1. Nice pics…thanks for sharing …wish we were there…Wondering when you have the meet ups in 2012, if you will be somewhere around NJ, PA. Thank you for the wealth of knowledge you have shared and helping me to grow the backbone to question my surroundings and search for answers.

  2. Great pics! Thanks for sharing. Looks like everyone had a great time. (sigh!) Wish I could have gone to it.

  3. Wonderful to see a dream come to fruition. They say SRE will be coming to DFW next year. Hoping we’ll be able to see you there!

  4. Jack,
    Thanks for sharing those great pics! Looks like a great turnout.
    We could really use an event like this down here in the South.
    Do they only have a few select cities for these events?

  5. I don’t know of any self reliance expo’s down in Florida but I’d love to see you guys in the Fort Myers/Naples area some time if there is one.

  6. I wish I could have made it up there to meet Jack. Im kind of jealous. Those shirts look cool.

    • @Dj Wyllie, Honestly the entire weight loss came from

      1. Lots of meat and fat
      2. Very low carbs
      3. Walking
      4 Stress reduction

      That’s all, thanks for your kind words.

  7. Wow, Jack, this is the first time i noticed, but you genuinely look like you’ve lost a lot of weight! I guess being that it’s an audio podcast, there are so few pictures for us listeners to compare to, but you really look healthy. Congrats!


    • @Mark Witmer, thanks a lot. My wife keeps telling me to take all my old pictures down. Ain’t going to happen, I have always been open with who I am and what I do. Goal between now and next summer is about 30-40 more pounds off, that will make me about as thin as I was in the Army at 21.

  8. Jack, I will be passing your way during the SLC fair “taking my parents back to St George” then on to Front Sight I am making it a point to stop it at the fair and say Hi.

  9. Just learned I will get to attend the Salt Lake Expo. Not sure I’ll have time to stay for your presentation but looking forward to meeting you.