Some MSB Updates – Sign Up With Silver — 6 Comments

  1. Jack. I see your logic but is it wise to accept one oz of silver for a year membership? I was and am happy to mail you $50 a year to keep you able to keep doing what you’re doing. I think I will continue doing so and don’t really need the great deal of only sending one ounce.

  2. @Cryptozoic, mailing silver can be a pain in the ass, it definitely takes more than a single stamp. I also figure in another year it is likely that the 30 dollars in silver will be worth about 40 dollars and the 50 dollars of US Reserve Notes will be worth about 40 dollars.

    I used to take 2 ounces of silver that is now 60 dollars, you would be paying a premium to send silver and fractional rounds are expensive. So this is just the most fair way for me to be with everyone.

    The options are all there for each person to do as they please. 95% of all members use and will probably continue to use Paypal.

    The silver transactions are also totally between me and the buyer with zero visibility by anyone other than the two of us, that also offers some advantages.

  3. Oh and Cryptozoic, thank you so much for your continued support, it is indeed the members that pay the bills and keep me on the air. There is no other way TSP could be my full time endeavor. Thank you again.

  4. Jack. Sound thinking. I have not seen info on your new physical mailing address relative to moving to your former BOL, now your home. I assume you have obtained a POB? What is that? I would like to prepay a few years of MSB in silver. Is that acceptable and to where do I mail it?


  5. @Cryptoxic,

    Right now and for at lest a month the current address is fine. No I don’t have a PO Box in ARK yet, just use the form and at any point the address on the form is the address to use.