Some Important Announcements — 10 Comments

  1. oh man. Bees!

    About how much do you think the bee workshop would be? I would LOVE to do that!

    -Richard J
    Houston area

  2. BEES! I am sooo interested in this! Can’t wait to hear all about it and I am crossing my fingers that it’s affordable. And Jack, we miss you here at the Cole house but take all the time you need with family. We all know you deserve it and it gives us time to revisit old podcasts.

  3. Jack good luck the next few nights, its going to get cold, way too cold for us down south here. Not sure if you have any sensitive plants you’ve put in yet, but we’re taking extra precautions for tomorrow morning, and particularly Monday nights cold weather (down in the teens). Turns out young citrus, and baby trees aren’t too fond of those temperatures.

  4. much love Jack. thanks

    remember to check out brink of freedom