Episode-2521- Solutions to Some of Our Biggest Problems — 7 Comments

  1. Hello Jack,

    About grains, how would those work in a diet, where the sprouts of grains were consumed, rather than eating?) the ripened ‘seed’ Example: Sunflower or wheat grass sprouts on a tomato, bacon, lettuce and for carnivores, turkey sandwich?

    Oh yes, with your version of Mayonnaise, not store brand. Maybe some Red onion?

    Or should Erica from the expert council take this one?

    Thanks for all that you do to make TSP happen.

    As a member of the TSP support Brigade, I get my $ worth, from every show you do, including rewinds.


    • Sprouts are not grains they are greens. Sunflower microgreens have a great keto profile for instance but go more to microgreens than to sprouts. In the end on keto you can eat anything really, some stuff is so high in carbs it makes no sense to try though. 20 grams or under on carbs and you are on keto, how healthy you make that from there is up to you.

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