Society Wide Stupidity Continues – Epi-3487 — 2 Comments

  1. I would like to see you make a list of all the bad things about Biden and a list of all the bad things about trump and see how those lists compare or if they make sense and you can have a list of all the good things if you want. Your argument seemed to be that trump supporters are delusional because they think trump will fix everything. What about how much worse could it get with biden ? I think such a list would show clear distinctions

  2. You could also try to make another similar extensive comparison , which is how is the current establishment democratic party or rino Republicans (but especially democrats) similar or dissimilar to communists, fascists etc and then try to make the same case for America first trump supporters .

    Perhaps we hesitate to make these comparisons because we realize that it will upset people but ask yourself what do you really think. The other side may disagree but is their view based on reality? It seems that it isn’t

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