Smoking Deal on Val Riazanov DVDs – All Of Them — 12 Comments

  1. Jack, do you have any experience/ideas on how someone could transfer the things they learn watching these videos into real world skills, without having an in-person instructor available? Or are these only helpful if you have access to a Systema practitioner?

    — Jeff in UT

    • I think it depends on you as a student, how much you put into it etc. I would say if you have any martial arts experience it might be easier to adapt and develop.

      I mean let’s face it watching DVDs isn’t the same as a real world hands on class but it doesn’t cost as much either.

      • Another thing, even if you don’t learn from directly from the DVD, it can give you compelling reasons to maybe go and get live instruction based on the epiphany of what you learn…

        • The learning from DVDs thing is interesting but I have found you can learn a lot. Since I have trained directly with Val it is hard to judge this on this product line. But I have recently started working with the Fox 599 karambit knife. I purchased this DVD by Doug Marcaida with it.

          In line with what you said here are my take aways.

          I learned a lot. But I do have to acknowledge that since Doug’s core is Kali and my core was Lissajous Do the ratios are very familiar. In fact when Patrick from MT Knives showed me Doug’s stuff I knew what to expect as soon as he said “flow” in the video. So again now that I am learning from a teacher I never met in person and a style and weapon I never used, I can say yes you can learn a lot from a DVD but I also must fully admit my background makes it easier for me.

          Next despite the above I really want to work with Doug now! So much I am not quite sure on and his “drills” are not presented quite formulaic enough for me on the DVD. I get why but I would still like a bit more of a getting started regiment. Kali uses a clock system, this clock system is a lot like the Lissajous curves, identical really, only the adjectives change. And as you understand the ratios you have freedom of flow. That is what Dough is trying to give a student. Still a bit more of some structured drills would be helpful for the study at home person that doesn’t have a lot of opportunity to train with a partner.

          Third, Doug Marcaida is a bad ass! I don’t impress easily. There are a lot of big tough well trained guys that are good fighters. Doesn’t impress me even if they are a LOT better than me. Too much yelling and shit talking and my style is better than your style. My teachers who I have really learned from and respected have been Neil Franklin who taught me to use systema striking in a boxing manner and many other things, Val who introduced me to systema and Lee Barden, who I studied with and attained my black belt with as a youth. In Doug I have recognized someone I want to add to that list.

          This video is a great example. Real world and honest, a lot like Val. Note when asked about Krav and Systema, his response is “I know nothing about it, I am sure those guys are great at what they do, this is what we do”. Not shit talking, especially about what he knows he doesn’t know. This is a guy that knows how to stay alive and he is real and at times flatly dark about the dangers.

          Yet if you watch enough you see he teaches that there is that side and there is also “the art for the pure joy of the art”.

          I hope at some point to be able to work with Doug and introduce him to the TSP audience.

  2. bought the videos through the deal. A good bit disappointed, because none of the access links worked in the emails I received from Val Riazanov. I truly hope that the videos are as advertised. Yes, I did send an email response regarding the access link issue. I am waiting to hear back.

    • What ever the issue is with the online part you have my word Bobby will fix it on Monday.

  3. Jack, does the MSB discount code for Val’s site not apply to this deal? I get the error that this discount is invalid.

    Your MSB does save me a ton of money on my Mai Thai coffee, JM Bullion, Bulk Ammo purchases. I was hoping it would make this already good deal an even better one.

  4. I took advantage of this deal. I have been interested for a while… good deal thanks! Looking forward to seeing what I can learn.