Smoking a Brisket with the Somkenator — 8 Comments

  1. Excuse me while I hose the drool from my beard. We’ve been slaughtering our own wild hogs and trying different methods. Ya suppose a big pig butt would do as we’ll on the Smokenator?

  2. The added bonus is my favorite Henry Ford quote.

    Thanks for the video!

  3. Got mine in the mail this past Saturday.
    We smoked one of our pasture raised chickens and it tunrned out fantastic

    Guess where temp stayed the entire time? You got it! 250 degrees.

    Thanks for the review video jack. This thing will save me a lot of running from the barn to the house.

  4. Newbie smoking question here. Did you flip the brisket during the first 4 hours, after the wrap, or not at all? I’m getting set to try this on Friday.

    • Nope you cook it fat side up so it self bastes, you never flip a brisket.

      • Thanks Jack.. I’ve done lots of pork shoulder on a big smoker for a fundraiser but never a brisket.

  5. Just did my Brisket 2 days ago. Came out perfect and I got a lot of praise for it. Thanks Jack.