Episode-2645- Roger Rodriguez on Building a Small Animal Processing Facility — 5 Comments

  1. Jack-

    Thanks so much for interviewing Roger.  We have been wanting to be on the show for quite a while.

    I really appreciate you providing a forum, through the website and the workshops, that have allowed like-minded people to meet.  Without you Roger and I never would have met and we never would have built Bountiful Acres.

    It really has been an amazing journey that has led to meeting so many amazing and interesting people.  I would say that anyone that wants additional information on emulating something similar to what we are doing need only send me an email.

  2. Thank you brother. After all you are the man who introduced me to the show. You planted the seed my friend booty

  3. Hey! I used to work with Tony Robbins at the same company! I taught him everything I know… which took about 5 minutes. 🙂 Everything else is him. He has a natural talent and it was obvious he would go far even when I knew him at 19 years old.

    Alex Shrugged


  4. Regarding the chicken processing, I’m wondering if the small facility at Bountiful Acres could process kosher chickens. Given the description of the facilities, I’m not sure it would be worth doing. I know the kosher community here in Austin, Texas is worried about a meat shortage.

    Regular chicken at HEB Grocery Store is around $1.25 a pound or more if it is boneless.

    Kosher chicken at the same store is $8.23 a pound (Aaron’s Best Kosher Chicken) which is what I buy.  The difference in price is dramatic, but it is a BIG, BIG hassle to slaughter and process chickens so that they come out kosher.

    It is not only the process, but the community MUST trust that you have done it correctly. Therefore you would need someone trusted by the community to oversee the process. That person is…. well… I’m not sure he would want me to name him in a public forum. He is a good man and he approves all kosher products made in Austin, Texas.

    It’s just a thought I had. I’ve been binge listening to Jack’s podcasts. I’m up to Episode 2645.