Episode-2617- Joshua Sloan with an Update on Citizens Assisting Citizens — 6 Comments

  1. Jack,  thank you so much for supporting us through your show.  And thank you Josh for an excellent job conveying who we are and what we’re about.  And thank you to all of our supporters in the TSP community who make what we do possible.

    Erin Martin

    Aka Lighthorse

    Executive Director, Citizens Assisting Citizens

  2. Jack it was really awesome to be interviewed by you again this year.  I appreciate the opportunity. It’s great to be a part of the broader TSP community and to have the opportunity to serve so many as a result.

    In my role as the lead for the Communications and Tech Teams, I really hope I represented CAC OK. I will continue to work to earn the respect of you, our community and the people who will be helped as a result of this community.  #gratitude

  3. Awesome to hear you on the show yesterday Josh.  You guys  are doing incredible work with CAC.   It was nice hearing more of the ins and the outs of how your crew works.  Can’t wait to hear all the great things you do this year.

  4. As a member of the CAC Board of Directors I thank you, Jack, and the TSP community for the tremendous support shown CAC through the years.  I would also like to publicly thank our volunteers who have donated hours upon hours of time and “brain-power” to help CAC meet some of the needs of those affected by disaster and implement the Strategic Plan in conjunction with the Board of Directors.  I look forward to CAC being bigger and better in the future, all made possible by the continued support of you and the TSP community.

    A heartfelt Thank You to all.