Episode-2719- 20 Skills and Actions you Really Need for the Coming Future — 11 Comments

  1. To save even more money on cauliflower rice, and store more at once.  You can buy a very large bag of regular cauliflower and just run it through your meat grinder and you have cauliflower rice.  We plan on making several trays of it for our harvest right freeze dryer and seeing how much that saves us in the long run.

    Taking your idea and making it my own

    • Okay that seems valid, I will need to do the math because a giant bag of it at Costco is really really cheap.  But if you don’t have that access this could save a ton and it is really awesome for those who can grow it, because in the right climate it is stupid easy to grow.

  2. Yes, thank you. I started using Quercetin since you suggested it, I was taking Zinc and Vitamin D3 already but not at the frequency you suggested… until you said it should be daily too. Ao I take the 3 of them daily.

    Solaray Mega Quercetin 600mg, Spring Valley Zinc 25mg, and Vitamin D3 5000 IU (125 mcg) plus my regular supplements which include Magnesum as the fizzy drink called Natural Vitality Calm, sometimes the one that also has Calcium.

  3. What is the name of the 2nd book?  You said you would give us a link- this was the one by “a maniac ” I think you said.

    • Crap this was the three book on D right….

      First one The Optimal Dose – I think it was written before the roles of K2 and Magnesium were understood.

      Second one The Miraculous Results of High Dose Therapy – – This is the guy who is a bit of a maniac so use the data with caution.

      Third One – How Not To Die With True High-Dose Vitamin D Therapy – – This one is for people with critical issues working with an enlightened MD like to reverse (yes reverse) MS. It is harder to get though but totally worth it if you really want a full and broad understanding of the current research.

      I would read them in that order and DO NOT do this shit unless you are willing to test D levels in your blood 3-4 times a year.