Episode-19- Six More Reasons the Economy Faces Trouble

In this edition of The Survival Podcast we cover six things effecting the future of our economy that are not really being talked about. We also officially announced our Listener Appreciation Contest.

Today we discuss six major economic trials coming for the US and the world they include..

  • FAS 157 that take away some of the gray book keeping by US Banks and Insurance companies but still let Freddie Mac hide billions in losses.
  • The combined effect growing illegal immigrants and universal health care will place on an economy already 100 Trillion in the hole. Along with how this is just another attempt to institute a new form of class warfare.
  • The rise of China as a global capitalist force and what it may mean for us long term.
  • The fact that Gas in the US has hit a tipping point that the oil companies have recognized and pushed off additional costs to the airlines in the form of jack up pricing on Jet Aircraft Fuel and how that can only last so long.
  • The coming pull out of many investors and what that means to a market driven by investment.
  • The final nail of our coffin may end up being the return of “common sense economics” by the average American.

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One Response to Episode-19- Six More Reasons the Economy Faces Trouble

  1. One thing I’m dying to know is how you keep fluctuating your accent. Some shows, there’s no accent. Other shows, your accent is THICK. (lol)