Episode-230- Six Economic Impacts To Watch — 10 Comments

  1. i rented the less expensive apt. 445/month includes pest control, landscaping, water, gas. i will get shot in my ass if i walk 5 blocks away!

    love the show jack!

  2. Cap and Trade The government will also be evaluating the energy your home uses. To sell your home it will have to pass a energy inspection.
    Not only will it effect the pocket book but it will bring the federal government into your home.

  3. One restrained beratement on the first segment regarding SAVING. If hyperinflation kicks in (as many gold bugs believe it will)- and that is an IF – then those who saved their money will be punished for their thrift as the interest earned in savings (or time deposits like CD’s)will not keep up with the rate of inflation.

    I would advise getting OUT of any variable or adjustable interest and try to lock in a long term interest rate (this is more applicable to mortgages than credit cards).

    Frankly I would advise a SAVER to make purchases on LONG TERM CONSUMER DURABLES (Washers, Dryers, change over an old septic system, etc…) on credit – provided it is low, long term, and fixed.

    If their is a run on the US Dollar and you are in CD’s you will get crushed. You’d be better of owing 6% or 8% and paying it off in (future inflated) dollars than having money in savings.

    Note two things — (1) I’m only talking about buying long term consumer durables and (2) getting a FIXED interest rate…..and of course – this entire scenario is predicated upon a future Inflationary (or even hyperinflationary) environment.


  4. SteveC,

    No one that saves will be punished, ever. Argentina already went through this, the advice of those that lived it, save your money. Money becomes more not less important when inflation kicks in.

    The argument that one can win with debt by using inflation is a loosing one, tune in tomorrow for more on that.

  5. My great grandparents made a killing off the inflation in the great depression. wanna know what they did? the kept their money in their savings account. my grandpa said that his parents turned were never “stupid” with their money and they came out better at the end of the depression than before it happened. That’s just something to nibble on.

  6. Great show Jack!

    I have learned so much from your shows. You have completely changed my entire outlook on life.

    To be honest, when my husband first got into the survival stuff he did all the things you say not to do (he hadn’t found your show yet!) he insisted on big expensive gun purchases, told me of all the horrible things that could happen to us, how bad things could (and would) get for everyone, etc. To be honest I got really scared and wanted to shut everything out and continue being an ignorant sheep to save myself the anxiety.

    THEN he found your show and made me listen and I have been hooked EVER SINCE. I hate it when you don’t do a show for a day or two because I feel like I am missing out on so much. I guess I should have called in on the anniversary show to tell you this but when I was listening to this show yesterday I remembered how much I have learned and how you present things so honestly and just wanted to send you a big THANK YOU!

  7. @Jenelle,

    Thank you for your story and your kind words. As I put today’s show together they will be fresh in my mind. Your story is exactly why I do the show.

  8. I guess auditing the Federal Reserve is like when you think your spouse is cheating on you so you hire a detective to find out for sure. You hope it isn’t true, but if it is, you know it will destroy the marriage.

  9. All I want to know is what discover card commercial you were talking about Jack I haven’t seen it and think it would be funny to watch.