Episode-370- Situational Awareness vs Normalcy Bias — 16 Comments

  1. Hi Jack,

    Just a minor technical thing. You have started saving the files without the first \"-\" and this causes them to save out of order. Not a big thing but a quick fix on your end could save us all remembering to fix it on our end.


  2. Wish I’d have listened to my gut like you did.

    In 1995, I was 19, in my Army Class A’s, coming home on convalescent leave with a broken femoral neck, on crutches, at the greyhound station in Atlanta. A homeless guy chatted me up and had me sign his bible, and then mugged me at knife point in the restroom an hour later. The whole time he was talking to me beforehand, my “spidey-sense” was telling me something wasn’t right – but I didn’t listen.

  3. Jack, I think this is the BEST and most important show that you have done, and I heard the first version. But, for some reason TODAY this kicked me in the GUT and I am going to start implementing this. Thanks!!!

  4. Living in SoCal comes with an added layer of situational awareness when walking around our local Home Depot. How do you get out quick to avoid a tower of plywood and hammers falling on your head if the ‘Big One’ were to hit whilst shopping for SHTF goodies.

    Great show as always, Jack. I’ve been able to train my lady to exhibit more situational awareness in her daily life by simply people watching together and pointing out how little the sheeple of Los Angeles display.

  5. @Frank, Good catch that was not intentional. I am working on fixing it but it will take more then changing the file names due to itunes updates and all. Thank you for pointing that out while I only have 3 files to deal with!

  6. Great show Jack I couldn\’t agree more about the importance of situational awareness. I include a good dose of SA instruction in the Handgun Carry Classes I teach. I go so far as to teach that good SA will be more likely to keep them out of trouble than a gun is to get them out of trouble.

    Something I would like comments on is this:I have noticed a significant number of people experience bad dreams and low level paranoia. This can last for months. It seems to dissipate as the persons self confidence increases. Has anyone else seen this?


  7. great show jack, having been on cirt teams for prisons, priority “a” rescourse security and search & rescue teams this is a way of life. SitAware is one of the first lesson’s we learned and has saved a lot of “hardships” in several instances. It is also hard to get folks to move their mindset into that relm of thinking. I’ve found that the best way to do it is to take them “out and about” and ask the questions you ask urself and get their minds going… hope this helps someone get there or move a friend or loved one in the right direction

    keep up the good work


  8. Great show! Your the New Pioneer in survival. Everyone needs to prep and gain the information to survive. The importance of situational awareness is the most important point of all.

  9. Great show, Jack. I’ve been practicing my situational awareness more and more. You are correct in saying how you do become more relaxed when you practice. Any other good books (Gift of Fear, thanks Marc) on situational awareness?

  10. I’ll second what Marc said. The Gift of Fear is a great book. Everyone should read it. Normalcy bias is the little voice inside your head that says, “this can’t be happening.” Until you get beyond this thought, you will not get into action.
    Just think OODA.
    Observe – you see what is happening
    Orient – you determine its a threat
    Decide – you determine your course of action
    Act – you move

    This is what takes 8 seconds. If you’ve already thought through the middle 2 steps, you’re in much better shape.

  11. Some people who should have been using situational awareness: Mrs. Tiger Woods, Mrs. Jon Edwards, Mrs. David Letterman.

  12. @Linda I find it hard to believe that Tiger’s wife was truly unaware. I think in time she snapped and took a club to his head. I don’t think it was when she found out though, more when the reality got to be too much for her to take. Letterman’s wife was probably in the dark. On Edwards, the man is really scum, he was using his wife’s cancer for sympathy votes while cheating at the same time. Karma sucks, look out for it there Johnnyboy!

  13. I noticed the same truck ahead of me on the way to work for a couple of weeks. Everyday the truck would fall behind and disappear. Then I noticed the truck parked at McDonald’s backed into a space. Man never got out or picked anyone up. Left as soon as I did. Monday I was late. He pulled in. Tuesday I was on time. He pulled in. Wednesday I was twenty minutes early. He pulled in. Never went in and never picked up anyone. Left as soon as I did. Coincidence? Probably. But, I changed my route to work and quit going to McDonalds. Watched the traffic closely. The key to situational awareness and the OODA loop is action. You can be acutely aware but without action it is the same as not knowing what is going on around you.

  14. Situational awareness should be part of the forum. We can all learn from the experience of others. I started telling the kids at a very young age \"KNOW YOUR SURROUNDINGS\"

    Hope to see it

  15. Wow…all good! If it’s okay, I’m gonna quote you on my site. I’ve got a section about citizenship that needs a little help from you bro!