Site Remodeling – Pardon the Virtual Dust — 27 Comments

  1. While I am a “computer klutz”, and “new” worries me, I will try to adjust. ;^p

    I would, however, like to wish you and yours a

  2. Jack,
    would you consider posting your new shows in two audio qualities. i only have internet on my cell and at work and if i have to download an episode at home it can take hours. it looks like your new shows are 32 or 64 kbps. while i like the quality when using highspeed, as a fan of oldtime and talk radio i have found that 16kbps is plenty good for most audio.

    just something to consider. love the show.

  3. @outurst402 it really just isn’t feasible. Right now the daily shows are usually encoded at 32kbps with is very low as podcasts go to begin with. I stream my own show on my iPhone across the crappy ATT network all the time, never seems to have any issues.

    A few of the recent special guest shows were done at 64kbps but the rest is pretty lean on bandwidth as it is.

  4. I hope you guys stick with Atahualpa. I’ve been using this theme for years now and love it. Its so easy to work with and navigate!


  5. @kydoomer, that is an affirmative. The look is pretty much done now save for a header issue with resising them image that sis will have to fix for me when she gets over New Years festivities.

    I have a lot of other stuff to dink on like the welcome center, etc. Back filling some of my videos that were never posted, a tour of how to use the site with screen capture video and more. But yes Atahualpa rocks, i used it for and knew right away we had to cut TSP over to it.

  6. @Radiiomacgyver,

    Yea it has also shown me a ton of content I need to update. Lots of stuff I need to add in, etc. This was long over due, I know some will not like the new look as much as the old but times are a changing and we have to keep up, we also must have a sort of “soft landing” for brand new folks to know how to find and use everything.

    Many come here and go “podcast? well I don’t have a “pod” so I guess I can’t listen”, etc.

    I think in the end (give me a full week) the upgrade will be very evident to all.

  7. hmmm…. very interesting……. a shock to my system, which has become accustom to the old site, but this looks very user-friendly. Great work @SisWolf! 🙂

  8. Yeah I had a heck of a time with the header image but once I found out how to make the images rotate and load new ones I was amazed at what it could do!

    Good job y’all.


  9. Doomer, Yeah, Atahualpa is my #1 favorite theme. I absolutely love it. I’m working on the header issue right now. Should be fixed in a few minutes.

  10. …that sis will have to fix for me when she gets over New Years festivities.

    New Years Festivities. LOL! My New Years Festivities consisted of closing out inventory for the year, doing month end and year end reports, paying taxes, and ordering gear for the shop. I finally finished at about 3:30 this morning. 😀 But I kissed the hubby at midnight, so it’s all good.

    I have a lot of other stuff to dink on like the welcome center, etc. Back filling some of my videos that were never posted, a tour of how to use the site with screen capture video and more.

    I love this idea. If you don’t already use a screencap system, I HIGHLY recommend Jing. I’ve been using it for “how to” videos on the forum, and I absolutely LOVE it.

    Edit: Sorry about that. I initially posted as Jack, cuz I was signed in to mess with the system. ::)

  11. @Sister Wolf,

    You kick so much ass! Thanks for the assist and you should have taken last night off. Our “festivities” included napping on the couch, a few nips of peppermint schnapps, one damn good beer and watching the ball drop. I also watched thee episodes from the HBO series “John Adams”, our friken congress should have to watch that once a year, absolutely amazing.

  12. Thanks, Jack! I couldn’t take last night off, but it’s not like we had a party planned or anything. I’m excited to be starting the new year off RIGHT. Working, upgrading everything we’re doing here at TSP and the Gear Shop and making sure our own are taken care of. That’s our goal, and we’re already hitting it hard. Love it!

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  14. @TheNorthernSurvivalist – if you figure out how to make 100k as a web dev let me know!! If you can do that without moving to the west coast and doubling my cost of living let me know ASAP 😀

    I found the new navigation helpful, a great improvement.

  15. Hey guys the site looks great! That atahualpa theme is awesome right??? Its the same that I use with my site. Love the new look…definitely a smoother presentation and overall easier to navigate. I KNOW how much work it is to do this so let me say: Good job!


  16. @Dene & Nick – Yeah, I’m with ya. If you can figure out how to make even $60K a year as a web developer, PLEASE TELL ME WHAT YOU’RE DOING.

    I mean, I know $100K is possible, but you have to have a big fatty degree, work for the government, and be willing to actually commute to work in So Cal traffic daily. That is more expensive (physically, emotionally, and spiritually) than $100K could ever buy for me. I’ll take the pittance I make now, and “commute” to work down the hall in my jammies.

  17. @dene & sis

    to make 100k per year you have to work really long hours and do complex integration work for large corporations. As long as your working for small businesses you’ll never get rich… having said that… I’m not saying that is what i want to do, but it would be how to make 100k

    We have a few corporate clients and they won’t blink an eye spending a bunch of money on work, where the small guy will blink his eyes furiously.

    don’t get me wrong… I enjoy working with the small business, but then again I don’t make 100k

  18. I’ll take less pay so I can work from home in my hoodie and blue jeans ANY DAY over working in corporate offices again.. Besides, I have a lot of fun now and get a lot of free stuff. My CPA does my books for free and I keep his website looking good and at the top of the search engine lists.. I’d throw myself off a cliff if I had to do my own taxes anymore! 😉