Episode-2361- Gary Collins on Simplifying Life — 9 Comments

  1. Great show!

    Thanks for pointing out the negative extreme skewing those BMI metrics. I would like to chime in as a positive extreme. I’m a 5’10” female and BMI really does not apply to me as I am athletic, practicing two martial arts and regularly lifting weights. Indeed, I am as strong as the average male (most men don’t lift weights). I have to take it upon myself to understand my health and nutritional needs and metrics, rather than follow what’s dictated to the masses. So, it’s always important to understand the method and reasons behind statistics, while stating their intent of application, rather than just arbitrarily citing them (not saying your guest didn’t; just a general observation).

    Also, I don’t have ‘diets’. I have a diet of eating everything on the perimeter of the supermarket; meats, fruits and veggies, and bread (I love bread).

    Eat what makes you think, feel AND operate good.

    • Totally agree.  I will admit that I still carry more weight then I should but what the government calls ideal for me likely would mean I was starving or terminally ill.

      My ideal weight according to dot gov is 168 pounds.  Really?  Well I was about 174 pounds and 5’8″ as a high school senior.

      After going to the Army, going though basic, AIT and Airborne School I was still barely 5’9″ and was up to 185.  At this point I was likely in the best shape of my life and still very young, only 18 and men do not stop growing at that age, we tend to grow until about 25.

      Today I am just under 5’11” and the government says I should weigh almost 20 pounds less then I was at 18 when I was training in the military 5 days a week, hitting the gym on top of it, etc.

      When I got out I walked a trail for 3 strait months up and down mountains carrying a pack and by the time I was done and moved to Texas I was about 190 pounds.  In what fucking world does a man with my muscle tone and skeletal fame weigh 168 pounds or even 180?  At about 200 pounds I start to look frankly unhealthy.

      The average man my size has a shoulder width of about 18 inches.  My shoulder width is a bit over 25 inches.  There is no excess weight in that measurement, its linear.  That is mostly a function of my skeleton.  Proof that government can be trusted to do nothing right.

      • Exactly! If anyone does regular exercise (not focused on ‘toning’ their body), especially military or martial arts training, they’re going to blow the BMI off the charts!

        I generally adopt the notion that everything the government tells you and presents to the masses is a scaled down concept for the general person who does not look into things for themselves for whatever reason (kinda like go to school, go to work, contribute 15% to your 401k, get a house and car, and keep upgrading until you die). Usually if you spend a Saturday doing your own research, you can come up with better guidelines for yourself in most subjects.

        In other words, you can refuse to get to know yourself and what you want, and spend a fortune and a lifetime paying and letting other people tell you about yourself and subsequently what they think is best for you, or, you can get to know yourself and spend a Saturday per subject designing systems for yourself; because no one can know you better than you can know yourself. In my opinion!

      • hahaha, totally agree. For anyone looking to government for wisdom on your health, see the damage they did for decades with their bought and paid for recommended “food pyramid”. ‘nuff said.

        • Indeed and people sounded the alarm about the pyramid for decades so it was no an innocent mistake. It was designed to do one thing, convey to the peasants that “gruel is good for you” go to make those subsidies pay off you know.

    • I agree BMI is not a really good way to determine overall health or how much you should weigh. If that was the case all body builders and most athletes would be considered obese. I was focusing more on the general average numbers, no matter what you think 5’4″ 171 lbs and 5’9″ 198 for the average American is not good. I guarantee a very, very small number of people would be considered athletes or body builders in this group. Like Jack said, the people 250 lbs plus are the ones skewing these numbers, the downside these people are going up in numbers every year.

  2. Hey,

    What was the controversy related to the Weston A. Foundation that you were referring to in the episode? You both alluded to a problem with the foundation but didn’t explain. Can you pls give some more information about this?

    Thanks for the show.

    • So Sally Fallon in my view is a scum bag also she is the founder of the Weston A. Price Foundation. However she has no right to be using that name.

      The actual organization that is the conservatory of Dr. Price’s work is the Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation, which was established by the families of Doctors Price and Pottenger who worked together on Dr. Price’s research.

      At one time Sally Fallon worked for Price-Pottenger. Eventually she was fired. Fat ass Fallon in a strong desire to make cookies, breads, cakes and crap like that okay for a Weston Price sanctioned diet basically kept putting out articles and statements as an employee of Price-Pottenger that did not match the research and official stance of the organization. She refused to take correction and hence they canned her.

      She then created the “Weston A. Price Foundation” while having no rights what so ever to the name, no blessing from the family or Dr. Price’s conservatory. Price-Pottenger of course immediately sued over it. But Fat Ass Lying Fallon was smart and has actually set up her foundation as a lobbying firm inside the beltway. This exploits some stupid loop hole that basically lets her call her organization whatever she wants to. As long as she just lets the name speak for itself and simply refers to Dr. Price’s work she can get away with this.

      Now if she directly claims Dr. Price set up the organization she runs or it is sanctioned by the family or something like that they can nail her ass to the wall. But if you read the site, etc. you will notice she is sly and never makes any such claims just allowing the name to create an immediate assumption in the readers mind.

      I find this incredibly dishonest and sleazy. She also just makes claims that are to be blunt fucking retarded. For instance she claims that paleo man when he killed game, at the fat and organs and marrow (I am on board with this now it gets stupid) but they threw away all the lean meat. I can’t even believe that level of stupid is able to pull off the slick scam she has. I am sure if you ask most WAP members if their organization is directly connected to Dr. Price they would tell you yes and believe it when they did.

      I consider this woman such scum, I will not be part of anything that even involves her. For instance Marjory Wildcraft has asked me to present at her online summits but she has this con artist as a presenter along with another dishonest prick (Mike Adams of Natural News). I love Marjory but my name will never be along side either of those names. I can disagree with people and still be friends with and or work with them. Dishonest lying fucks, no way, my integrity just won’t allow for that.