Episode-2668- Joseph Simcox on Edible Plants of the World — 7 Comments

  1. Jack,

    MOST excellent podcast.

    Many thanks, keep it up.

    Dude, you freaking ROCK!!!

    Thank you,

  2. This guy is amazingly aware.

    He has somehow sustained himself by developing this expertise with no sign of formal training.

    He has a good vision for the future of food. I hope we will eventually see it or something like it.


  3. I’d come across some videos of Joseph on YouTube a few years back, But this interview totally opened up his mission and blew me away.  This guy is all about positive and practical solutions (probably why he’s in Sweden!).

    Very few people can commit their entire life to travel, following their passion, and teaching others.   I try to shut up and listen whenever I’m lucky enough to come across folks like Joseph.  I will definitely be keeping up with his work.  Can’t wait to try my Yucca flowers!

  4. Excellent guest and interview!  Listened several times and shared with the kids.  Please have him on again!  Thank you.

    • Not on the market yet, one is in Japanese only the larger ones are coming soon, hopefully.