Silver Bullet Silver Shield to Relaunch — 54 Comments

  1. Is there a little background on what “” is and the difference between it and his ‘mulligan mint’/ ‘coins for the cause’ / ‘AOCS Mint’ and other offerings? Or will we get that tomorrow as well?

    • Mulligan Mint is the mint that make the silver for all of these things. Coins for the Cause if basically a divison of the mint itself that handles all the coins that are for well causes like TSPMint. AOCS is American Open Currency Exchange and is basically part of the mint. is one store that sells coins made by Mulligan Mint and Mint Marked AOCS approved, frankly they are a competitor but what Chris Duane did made it personal so I have agree to help with this new relaunch. Details tomorrow.

  2. This whole time I was under the impression that SilverBulletSilverShield was Chris Duane’s site.

    • SBSS was a partnership between Chris and Rob just because one side walks away doesn’t mean the other side has to stop.

      • One side usually walks away when he realizes it is all one sided and not a partnership.

        • When you walk you don’t get to take what you simply claim as your own and leave all the liability and responsibility with the partner.

        • @Jack

          A friend and I are still waiting on Freedom Girl proofs and coins. Yeah I’d say there is still a liability out there haha!

      • Im glad you cleared alot of this up. Wish you all the best of luck! Love how open you and rob have been about all this.

  3. Gotta choose your battles.
    It’s easy to confuse strategy with tactics.
    Good luck! Hope you achieve Victory.

  4. My gut feeling was ‘Jack, don’t do it.’ But I will wait until I listen to your reasons and explanations to make a decision. My initial thoughts are sever ties and move on. Something like this just seems to be childish taunting. But hopefully you can better explain.

  5. Good lord I hope this Chris Duanne drama goes away soon. I’ve been on his sight talkin with a few of his ppl or plants, it’s been interesting. Someone is not being honest and I’m trusting Jack on this one. If I get burned, then ill have to cross that bridge.

    What I do know is that it’s amazing the drama going on. With all the non sense tptb pull, I thought people that understand the silver market / symbolism for buying it would have a common bond of doing things for the good of the cause. Obviously money corrupts people.

    I’m really pulling for Rob and Jack to be on the right side of this and to move on ASAP. There are much bigger issues to deal with than this drama. Looking toward to the cast Jack.

    • The will be the last thing I do that involves Chris but one final wrong needs to be made right and it has nothing to do with me, and frankly little to do directly with Rob and not even that much directly to do with Chris. Tune in tomorrow to see what this is all about.

    • I’ve disagreed with Jack before. Hell, I’ve disagreed with Jack over a vender before. But I swung by hell last night and didn’t see any ice sickles, so I don’t think Jack is being dishonest here.

  6. After all of the shady dealings and delays and substandard products as well as outright theft of Chis D designs i will not be purchasing any more product and will wait until Chris comes out with the 40+ more designs.

    • You are going to wait a long time. LOL. Tune in tomorrow though it will be worth hearing and you will be if nothing else surprised at what I am going to do, how and why.

  7. So since the last coin was based on the “Homo Erotic” movie 300, will this one be based on “The Crying Game”…. Just kidding, I can’t wait for the tantrum that this causes.

    • The Crying Game, CLASSIC. Someone should tell Duane just because he got a boner watching 300 doesn’t make it Homo Erotica.

      • But, it does put additional meaning to “hard currency”….Everyone, even if you have doubts, you know that Jack can be trusted. Just talked to a buddy that ordered Sentinels, who was concerned about sending a check; we both agreed that IF it did go wrong, Jack would fix it. Same thing here. Trust the man’s word and judgment, based on his actions.

      • @Darren
        Jack can be a wild bull in a china shop. I think people may not think ahead when they release him. Hell I’ve felt the wrath before, I don’t wish that on anybody…

        • @New Mike, and sadly that was my mistake! You were collateral damage based on the antics of an assclown of the same name. The timing just sucked, again sorry about that.

  8. I am a huge supporter of you, and agree with your stance on this issue. When he tore apart your Sentinel, he showed even more bad taste. In my opinion, his Debt and Death design is the only one that I like better than the Sentinel. So he can go pound sand. However, I am not a fan of a $29.99 premium, and therefore will not be buying any. I have in the past, and will continue in the future pay $19.99 premiums, but that extra $10.00 pushes it too far for me. I understand the extra step to laser engrave the side of the coin, but I will pass. The design idea is cool, but the price is not right for me. Bill Still recently came out with a silver round for his new movie. It is a very limited production of, I think 100 coins. But he wanted $99.00 for one. I would like to support him, but not at that price.

    I did pick up a second order of Sentinels yesterday though. I like that design better than either of the Free Reign designs. Besides, I already have Slave Queens and Freedom Girls. I can just super glue one of each together and I would then have a two ounce Free Reign. Jk.

    I also will not be buying a pot leaf. I don’t partake, and I do not support something that is meant to give people a way to try to live outside of reality. Others can smoke it, but I am not buying a coin with a pot leaf on it.

    Redoubt was one of his worst designs. I am starting to think that he bailed and left Mulligan Mint with poor designs. Why he would be upset about losing the last two designs I mentioned is beyond me.

    I will support Mulligan Mint by buying the coins that I like at a price that I feel is fair. I own a handful of Ants, passed out several Second Ammendments to friends and family, and will be owning quite a few Sentinels once they get delivered. Tell Mulligan Mint to keep pounding out the silver. I just wish Chris had left better designs behind.

    • @George first thanks for your support and absolutely don’t buy anything you don’t want even if I do recommend it, EVER, seriously. Buy only what makes sense for you, but I bet tomorrow even if you don’t buy one, you will be very pleased with what I am doing and why I am doing it, you might even buy just one when you hear my reason, but don’t do it unless it really makes sense to you.

      Frankly buy TSP Mint coins at 1.99 over spot as a member and stack some silver. That does benefit me a bit and I appreciate the support and the ability to give you better pricing then big silver houses at the same time.

      On the pot leaf, do understand the hemp battle isn’t ONLY about pot, it is also about actual hemp the kind you make rope from. Did you know growing that is illegal in the US?

      I personally would lift the prohibition on pot tomorrow if I could but I understand why others don’t feel the same, I have never though heard one valid argument from anyone as to why hemp is illegal. Not a one. I am talking rope not dope here.

      • @ Jack. I am aware of the difference between hemp and pot. And again, I have no problem with people smoking pot if that is what turns them on. It doesn’t for me, and I do not want to be around it. I have no problem whatsoever with hemp. In a complete shtf situation I would most likely wind up growing it for fabric and such. My problem is the dope part, and most people associate that leaf with pot. But I see no reason why it should be illegal. I have the ability to choose to smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, etc. I feel that people should be allowed to get high. Just don’t do it around me.

        In a similar theme, I was talking to a customer of mine about the idea of growing poppy for poppy seeds, but I was concerned about the legality of growing it. He told me that just a couple years ago a couple cops showed up at his house and told him that he shouldn’t be growing the poppies that he was growing. They told him that he didn’t have to destroy them, but not to plant them again. He said that they grew rather well. I may just risk a few flowers just to try for myself.

        I will definitely go out of order to listen to your show tomorrow. I started listening to you around October 2012. I decided to start at the beginning with the first episode and catch up. I am only on episode 588 right now. I do look at your blog and new shows, and sometimes listen to the new shows if it is on something that I am very interested in. So I will get out of my time machine that is still only in January 2011 and step into May 2013 to hear what you have to say. You have my curiosity piqued!

  9. If Chris Duane can stop pissing in everyone’s cheerios, I support it. He has done a lot for the silver and the liberty community.

    • As would I but he won’t, like I said this is my final action on SBSS, it is time to balance the scales. Tune in tomorrow it will make sense, I promise.

  10. Looking forward to the launch, my bro and I have been sticking silver for a few years and I’m looking forward to grabbing the coins for the cause coins as the designs are available.

    I’d like to see coin designs that capture the core principles of the libertarian mindset of non initiation of force (but I’ll finish it) and private property right (my body, my toys, my money, so screw off). I’d stuff Christmas card with them.

    I’ll pick up these designs as soon as my sentinels show up. Looking forward to it. Keep ’em coming I’ll keep stacking ’em!

  11. I spent some time today trying to make sense of what-all happened between CD and RG. The thing that alarmed me was CD’s claim that his copyright was being violated and his intellectual property was being stolen. As a writer, I take such accusations seriously. And then when he further accused RG of accepting over a hundred thousand dollars worth of raw silver metal from CD but never making any coins with it, that really set my alarms off. CD was accusing RG of being a thief of both intellectual property as well as actual physical assets, and the monetary value of the physical assets that RG allegedly stole was so high that such an accusation would’ve easily constituted grand larceny.

    But as I drilled down through CD’s web site, I found his rantings to be disturbingly immature, and I began to get the impression that the guy is a little unhinged. Now I don’t know that to be the case. I’m not a psychologist and I’ve never even met the guy. But if this whole matter was all “nothing more than” a matter of copyright violations and grand larceny, then that’s when the lawyers step in and work it out. Right?? Allow me to explain that I put quotation marks around the phrase “nothing more than” to emphasize that I do indeed take such accusations seriously. Those are despicable crimes that CD is accusing RG of committing. So if RG was clearly guilty of such legitimately serious crimes, then CD would’ve been in an excellent position to sue the crap out of RG.

    Lawyer time! And CD’s stance seems to be that it’s a slam dunk for his side of the cause.

    But if so, then why the heck is CD endlessly posting rant after rant after rant on his web site about this whole matter? My experience with these kinds of crimes (especially my own experience in witnessing copyright violations and intellectual theft, never mind grand larceny of six digits worth of physical silver) is that when the lawyers get involved, BOTH PARTIES get ordered by their respective lawyers to just shut the hell up and make zero public comments until after all the court settlements are over and done with. (Often years down the road.)

    But I kept reading CD’s endless rantings, and I thought to myself either A) CD isn’t letting his unsuspecting lawyer know he’s blabbing away on all these blog postings, and therefore his lawyer will have a complete kinipshin fit when he finds out his client is being a blabbermouth, and then the lawyer will order CD to take down all those lawsuit-related blog postings …. OR …. B) it might be that CD has no lawyer! It could very well be that CD has zero legal ground to stand on, and that no lawyer is willing to take this case because there IS no case. (Or worst case scenario, no lawyer is willing to take CD’s case because every lawyer he speaks to can tell there’s a screw loose in CD’s head and the case will get sunk by virtue of his own instability.)

    All of this is just theorizing on my part. I don’t know anything for sure. All I do know is that Jack wouldn’t entangle himself with the losing side of a criminal and/or civil case. And no lawyer would permit his client to ramble endlessly for weeks on end via a public blog about the details of an impending case.

    So based entirely on those two observations, I am going to go with RG’s wide of the story here.

    • Exactly! And say I was an attorney and Chris wanted to retain me and let’s say I believed him, first piece of advice, well, stop being a dumb F&%k and posting all this stuff publicly and attacking the other party personally. Seriously I know you are smart from your past contributions, wouldn’t you tell him the same thing as council? How dumb are his actions in reality? Unhinged, great description.

      If Chris had a legal claim to theft of physical property Rob would have been in cuffs two weeks ago. If he had a leg to stand on the the IP claim Chris would have had an injunction in 48 hours until a court day could be set, neither happened and neither will happen. Why? No one smart enough to get though law school and pass the bar will touch this, especially now.

      With one exception, an attorney might take up Chris’ case based on what one lawyer told me one time. He said, “your best client is rich, angry and wrong”, so if Chris is really as well off as a prodigal son as he claims some money grubbing sleaze may take his money on that note.

      • I haven’t read any of Chris Duane’s blog.
        It seems to me that Rob Gray would and should pursue a libel case against him if for no other reason than some people, as evidenced in these few comments, actually do believe what he is saying and that can’t be good for his business.

    • good points maybe Rob Gray is a criminal ripping off both customers and Chris Duane. Not to mention the artist Heidi. Those of us that bought these coins and waited months for them were promised they would be out of production now. ROB has no integrity and participated in Theft.people argue back and forth rather or not ROB owns the dies. It doesn’t matter when it comes to the fact that ROB claims to be the co-founder of silver bullet silver shield. On that Website it claimed that Freedom Girl would be a limited edition coin and that window is over. So you can argue rather or not he ripped of Chris Duane or not but… it is beyond dispute that he lied and stole from all his customers who waited patiently for the slowest turn around in the industry.

      • You don’t think this CD nonsense has thrown cold water on getting the turn around? I’m waiting on Freedom girls myself, there are numerous reasons why it would make sense that now they’re is an issue getting them. Poorly executed isn’t theft.

        You’re accusations are trite and typical of the “Rob is a thief” camp. You literally don’t have a leg to stand on besides Chris’ rants, yet you’re parroting the same nonsense. I don’t think you’ve quite realized how backed up the silver market is right now. Even regular ASE at some places are taking well over a month to fulfill.

      • Se you don’t even have a clue do you, Heidi isn’t the artist she is the sculpture that does the plasters and she is working with Rob daily. People like you don’t even have facts and yet pass judgement. Heidi in fact sculpted my plasters for my dies including our newest one.

        Freedom Girl and Slave Queen were limited editions and are not being made in original form any longer. There is a limited edition run for 2 days that has both images one on each side. Each coin is to be individually numbered. IF you don’t like that idea don’t buy any, no take your trolling ass off of my site!

      • If you remember, even Chris said that he was planning on coming back out with Freedom Girl and some of the Slave Queens when they started selling again. So even if Rob comes back out with both of them for a bit, that was always the plan. If you do not believe what I am saying here, go to Chris’ YouTube channel and watch his video “Silver Bullet Silver Shield Suspends Sales”. In that video he says that the final days of Slave Queen and the final month of Freedom Girl will happen when the mint reopens.

        If Rob doesn’t come out with either of them, then I guess my duel finish Slave Queen will be even more rare than originally planned.

        • See there you go with facts and that just annoys the trolls. Facts are stubborn things are they not.

      • Bull shit! Your fearless leader repeatedly promised a limited time relaunch of freedom girl and slave queen. He walked away. Now that the mess is getting cleaned up, said relaunch is happening.

    • Because MSB is part of TSP. SBSS is a different company that happens to use the same mint to make it’s product. So in effect, TSP and SBSS are competitors. Their product just gets made at the same factory.

    • That video, sir, is why I listen to you and why I have invested my money and my time in your member program and the products that you offer.

      I just recently sold a house. A day before signing the paperwork the water supply line to the house sprung a leak. The buyer was worried about pooling water in the flowerbed. I assured them that I would get it taken care of. The next day we signed the paperwork and they were the owner of the house as well as a leaky pipe. My real estate agent told me that I was not contractually obligated to fix it. On my honor as a decent human being I fixed it like I promised. Stand by your word and do the right thing; good things will happen to you.

  12. Chris is frantically trying to keep the details of this deleted from his rant post. Anything related to Chris’s former partner that he screwed over gets censored.

  13. Jack, thank you for all you do, for always being honest with us, and for bringing us such great value through your show. I have learned to trust what you say and do.

    I LOVE the Ant coins I bought a while back. The premiums are very reasonable and the TSP discount you got us really helps make them affordable. I am thinking that someday they might be useful as “challenge” coins in a SHTF situation.

    Finally, I do not know how you get so much done. I get tired just thinking of all the things you do to make the world a better place, and to help people live a better life “if things get bad or even if they don’t”.

  14. I think the comment about there not being 87 updates to the post – uncalled for. Look I like Chris, I agree he messed up, but I will support TSP forever. But this malevolence has got to go! In the libertarian movement, we have got to stop slaughtering each other if it’s going to get anywhere in the real world. If you want it to just be a tag line to get viewers, then sure, make it into Montel, but I think you want more than that. I know I signed on for more than that.

    • Seriously it was the comment about the multiple updates that went too far for you? For me it was the psychopath that called Coins homoerotic, made 20+updates, them made a video re-cap about the situation with all the crazy and capped it off with a pregnant wife picture, as if that had anything to do with the situation.

  15. Excited to order “Free Reign Slave Queen Freedom Girl”. I support what Jack’s been saying and money’s going to the original artist. Super bonus will be years from now when the drama dies down and the silver shines. I’m stacking, hope y’all are joining me.

    • Given this was on August 1st and it is now August 16th and it hasn’t happened, why would he. Seriously how long will you guys listen to slander and bullshit especially slander where the time has passed and the claim proven false?

      Next, Republic and Mulligan reached a settlement, did you know that? It isn’t the best thing in the world for Mulligan and they will be really tested on it in about 7 weeks time but the settlement was reached none the less.

      Now go bug someone else!

    • The BS mill says whatever whenever. If you want actual information, wait until the court records become public records and read them as they come out.

      The writs were served on the 8th, and returned to court on the 14th (how I was able to read them). The only thing seized (as in taken and put in an evidence locker) was a bunch of metals. Rough tally is about 25 oz Au, 7,000 oz Ag, and 100 oz Cu on one writ. Another 760 oz Ag was levied on another. Everything else was levied in place. I have no information other than what Jack has said about the settlement. If Rob isn’t talking about it and giving a play by play of the details, it is probably because his lawyer asked him not to.

      • Additionally much of the silver taken was minted and about to be shipped and already packed for doing so. It was about 60K worth, the next day it was exchanged for 60K in cash and returned to MM who then shipped it as planned.

        I am really afraid long term this will kill the mint that in a few months time the nature of the settlement will be beyond what Rob can manage. I also know that he will protect customers right up till the end. His actions that I have personally witnessed show that to be the case.

        If Rob was 10% of what Chris claims, by now he would have simply filed bankruptcy protection. He is doing everything he can to make this work. I feel even if he loses this he will be back and around in this industry for a long time.

        If Chris wins this fight it will only harm the entire silver industry and community. What Mulligan is doing with fractional right now is amazing and no one has ever cared enough to do it before. None have cared enough to create tribal currencies, etc.