Episode-2621- Nicole Sauce on Side Hustles during the Crisis — 2 Comments

  1. I did Task Rabbit after leaving a high paying job. I did very well with that platform. Sadly, they only exist in major populations. You set your wages on that platform. And people hire based on what you can do & the fees you set. I was basically a handyman, a mover, a landscaper. I built fences, decks, raise bed gardens, etc. it was clutch!
    I gotta get a hold of Nicole for coffee. My favorite coffee company, Blue Bottle. Sold to Nestle. But I love some Chiapas beans.
    love y’all work!

  2. The STEEM blockchain (which has just now forked into STEEM and HIVE) is another way to get started on a side hustle if you’re into content creation. I do mostly comics & art, but there are plenty of writers & photographers posting there too. I get far more from it than I ever have from Google Adsense on my own site.

    Just be aware of the recent fork, where much of the community is supporting the new HIVE fork to take power away from a douchebag (Justin Sun) who tried to buy his way into control of the project through his purchase of the Steemit company. I suspect the old STEEM blockchain will wither away like MySpace, but you can always post on both if you’re unsure which fork to support. Posting on both is just a matter of having separate accounts with Steemit and Hive, and copy/pasting on both.