Episode-2596 – Brian Norton on Lifestyle Freedom, Side Hustles, the Cannabis Market and More — 6 Comments

    • The quantified Citizen app was created so that any research or wanting to do a study with a statistically significant large group of humans can go ahead and do the research without any approval from the government. The first study run on the platform was about gratitude. The app is open to all researchers.

  1. Brian is an awesome businessman and side hustle guru.  I chatted with him on MeWe last year and in 5 minutes he’d told me a half dozen ways I’d never heard of to make money on the side.  Wish he had a summer camp for teenagers!

  2. Wow, so much info Brian! Keep on bringin’ it!

    I had no idea Hip Camp existed, definitely looking into that one. Been considering an air bnb “shack” on the property, but this might be easier and more in line with who I think my market will be. Thanks, look forward to seeing you in TN.