Shrimp and Sausage Gumbo on the EcoZoom Stove — 16 Comments

  1. Jack, is the pot La Crueset or something like that?

    Like the Meatloaf sound in the back ground

    • Mark, that is one of my favorites! I like it so much I wanted to name Max, Roland but Dorothy wanted Max and you know how that works out.

      Anyway curious do you really get the last line of the song?

      “Patty Hearst heard the burst of Roland’s Thompson Gun and Bought It”

      If you don’t know the story of Patty Hearst it makes little sense and you would think Patty Hearst was shot by Roland. Of course Patty was real and is still alive and Roland is a fictional character. So “bought it”, means “bought into it”, which completely flips the entire dynamic of the song at the end, its political connections and makes it quite eloquent poetry.

      If you are not familiar with the story of Hearst look it up and then think about the fact that she “bought into it” and think about who Roland was paid by in the song, it sure wasn’t the Symbionese Liberation Army, was it?

  2. Say what you want about Zatarain’s (the sodium content is OFF the chart, added preservatives, etc.) but there is no more satisfying camp meal than that stuff, plus some beer of course. This video reminds me of deer camp (post hunt) a few years back, except the Zatarain’s was cooked on a Coleman propane stove. This Ecozoom looks like a must have though, and adding a pot skirt and foil seems like a must!

    • The foil worked with charcoal I am thinking you may want to use a cut out of one of them cheap aluminum cooking pans with wood, it seems like the heat would melt it though. Ill try it with something I don’t mind getting sooted up to find out.

  3. I ordered one of these Friday, wish there was a MSB discount,maybe some day.
    I noticed on the Ecozoom website there are some videos showing Two stoves connected together with a flue,that looks awesome because it would take all the smoke outside.Great for a outdoor kitchen setup.
    Does anyone no where I can order that two stove set up?

  4. Did you get much blackening of the pan? I don’t want to put our good pans on during peace-time if it’s gonna black up badly. I’d rather go pick up cheapies or maybe even a cast iron.

  5. FYI StoveTec has a pretty big pot out with the skirt built in (don’t need the ring), $59. Looks pretty sweet!

    • The two stove set up with the flue is called La Mera Mera
      I just can’t find where to buy it in the USA.
      I Emailed EcoZoom, no response yet.
      Jack I was hoping you may be able to help.
      It would be cool if you could get one and do a Vid on it.
      Like I said earlier, looks great for a outdoor kitchen set up.
      Cooking outside is great!Canning out side during the summer over wood or charcoal without the smoke would be awesome!

      • I received a response from EcoZoom.
        They are working on making the La Mera Mera, available in a few months.