Today’s Show Will Be Published Late for 5-20-14 — 10 Comments

  1. Take your time Jack. I had problems with Comcast last week. I understand.

  2. My technical was the safety officer wanting to know why I was standing on my tanker holding a cell phone. I said “gotta download my podcast man!” He shook his head and walked away. Oilfield reception blows. I was tempted to climb the tank battery for 4G but one stink eye was enough haha.

  3. It’s the 20th, Jack. Where’s the PermaEthos PDC signup? Can’t wait, can’t leave the computer. C’mon, you’re killing me, man!

      • Oh my God. Thanks for letting me know. I’d have sat here all day. I’m just convinced it’s going to sell out before I get mine. I got an email last night at 11pm that my yearly auto renew for the MSB didn’t go through. I almost had a heart attack. Couldn’t get to paypal fast enough. Appreciate it, Brian.

  4. @Dianne

    Jack said that the PDC opening was pushed back until Friday. It was in yesterday’s podcast.