Episode-2065- There is a Shit Storm Brewing — 19 Comments

  1. Hey Jack, you a fan of Styx too? I hope so. He is Level headed Guy…It’s good to see some of the younger generation aren’t stupid.

  2. Jack, thanks for doing this episode.. You said some shit that really needs to be said, and it seems that no one else is saying it.

    You’ve really been hitting them out of the park the last few weeks. Good job buddy.

  3. Great episode. It’s a shame the mainstream media is too busy sensationalizing the news/tragedy to report the truth.

  4. Rough times are coming to the USA, I always tell people the 2020s are going to be a violent re-ordering of society, one way or the other, we do not know what the end will look like. It is a natural progression of social forces that comes to a head every third generation or so. We had in in 1861, we had it in 1930-1945. It is happening again.

    On another note, Jack, you keep missing something. You say how GW has been the worst thing for the environmental movement ever. Do you agree with my thought that the movement on these statues and all the similar “sanitize history” movements elsewhere are the worst thing possible for race relations?

    Think about it. When I see people wanting these statues torn down because they are “racist” well I am probably not going to listen to anything else the same group says about anything racist. I know that a statue of Lee is just the beginning, more of the Founders will be next, who knows what else.

    When the person does have a legit grievance, say how cops patrol their neighborhood, I will be way more likely to write it up to their own hatred of white people and white history.

    Just a thought.

    • This whole statue thing seems like a honey pot to me. The media is kicking up the masses into a complete frenzy over it, yet to me it doesn’t make a lot of sense. These confederate statues have dotted southern parks and cemeteries for 150 years. Where was the outrage over them 20 years ago? Or 50 years ago? All of a sudden NOW is the time to remove them? And what about all of the swastika and nazi imagery in museums and jewish holocaust memorials? Shouldn’t those be removed as well. In fact, if we’re now going to take down offending imagery that reminds us of negative past events, let’s just play safe space and remove every single mention of political, social, martial, or religious iconography from every school text book, every museum, and every other public place where someone might see something that offends them.

      I agree. This won’t end with statues of Robert E Lee. Washington, Jefferson, and Adams will be next. There seems to be an effort to wipe the slate clean so everyone will forget the past. This could be a useful tactic for those who wish to forge their own version of a new future. How can we know our destination if we don’t know our point of origin?

      • Statues of white people first, eventually white people. But as Jack was saying, that’s downstream from the real problem.

    • Absolutely, don’t know that I am missing it though. I think it is far less about statues and far more about rhetoric though!

  5. I would hazard that the Facebook echo plays a strong part. Most people are upset about the violence. Period. That’s the end of the story.
    The immediate response it that, “well on the news…” again, what’s on the news (because Facebook is news) is not representative of reality. We just recently discovered how off the media and even polls can be.

    Most people move on with their lives. I would suggest that perhaps the people in this community have social media profiles that are DRASTICALLY different than most. I.E you have more radical opinions posted. You kind of hit the issue briefly. It’s important to keep perspective. I agree. This is not new. We had KKK rallys in my home town of Rockford IL growing up MULTIPLE times. (I’m a couple years younger than you, Jack.) It didn’t make national news. Black men have been lynched over the last few years. Not national news.

    There are 323 million people in the U.S. Some “right” people commit violence that does not make the news. Some “left” people commit violence that does not make the news. I’ve physically attacked in the last year because of my race. It didn’t make the news and frankly I does not cross my mind much. 323million people are not equally represented on any of our facebooks or even in the news.

    The sky is not falling.

    In order to get some “movement” going people have to give a $@&! . They don’t and frankly they really should not give it more attention than they have.

    My opinion

    Agree or not


    Not only did the cops refuse to protect the people legally permitted to be there , they forced them to walk through the antifa fucks as they pelted them. Yep… Nazis are douche bags but they weren’t being violent.

  7. I see no difference in theses people who are tearing down statues then from ISIS destroying ancient Greek and Roman temples and Iran blowing up the giant stone Buddas in that country. Which makes you wonder who is funding all three.

    • I correct my error. The Buddhas destroyed were in Afghanistan by the Taliban.

      Haste is the creator of errors. My apologizes…

  8. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this Jack. I was thinking pretty much the same thing you are with all of this. But you just have a way of putting it all together in words with good supporting background. Thanks again for all you do, I am proud to be a member of this community.

  9. This topic of this excellent episode reminds me of the book: “White Trash: The 400-Year Untold History of Class in America” which gives a good background for the reason behind white middle-class sentiment.

  10. Jack: Excellent one!! My compliments. One of the most rational commentaries on it all I have heard.

    I’d love to see the dichotomy that we can’t get out of most people’s minds get shifted from right vs left, fascists vs Nazis, whoever vs whoever to “the people who are using violence ” vs “the people who don’t think violence is effective.” Since the Us vs Them mentality exists, what if we could reframe the dichotomy to something useful? Interesting thought.

    Personally, I have spent most of my life saying “there’s LOTS of shades of gray! It’s NOT just black or white!!” and the whole “you have to pick a side! For us or against us!!” stuff just makes me frustrated. Seems like no one’s willing to look past the first two options to see if there’s more.

    Glad you have a way with words, I have sent this link to a bunch of my family. I hope they listen. Thanks again!

  11. “the people who are using violence ” vs “the people who don’t think violence is effective.” Now that would be a great way to shift things.

  12. The problem Jack, is your have forces behind the scenes manipulating events.

    The NAZI’s are small and/or fake. Antifa wants Trump out.

    And if they succeed in killing or removing Trump. The Patriots are going to step in. and then it will get REAL messy.

    • Due to the ideological climate, the Nazis sadly are growing, that is my entire point.

      White Nationalism is not the same as White Supremacy except that it is! Confusing? No not really.

      Think of any sci fi type thing were some young person is tempted into the use of magic, just a little you see and only for good. What always happens?

      What white nationalism does is similar, but unlike the occult it is real! Tony is a good guy, may be Tony is a lot like me, grew up with a racist family but broke it but not quite to the level I did, say Tony never joined the Army and put his life in the hands of men of other races, so the break isn’t quite a full. Still Tony is not a racist, he is even a young man you might want to see your son grow up to be like.

      Tony is in college, he is doing good with grades, etc. He busted his ass to get there, he simply wants to get finished, find a good job and start a life, he hopes for a wife, a family, a decent house and frankly just to be left the hell alone.

      But every day Tony has professors reminding him of his so called “white privilege” while he is busting ass to maintain a 3.0 GPA to keep his partial scholarship while also working part time to pay the balance of his tuition and he is still taking on some debt. All this money is paying for his black professor in psychology class to drive a nice car Tony wonders if he will ever be able to afford. Just today said professor gave a lecture on the impact of white privilege in our society. Many of Tony’s friends over the first two years start to accept this stupidity, they start protesting in the street when anyone with a different opinion shows up. They all start also talking about white privilege even though they are white.

      Some black students are calling for “day without a white person” on campus and want to ban whites from dorms named after famous black people. Tony learns that many of black people in his school got lower test scores and still got in, but if he had gotten that score he would not have gotten in, Tony took the ACTs three times to get a good enough score to get in by the way. When Tony points out that every student in this college is treated the same he is shouted down for his “white privilege” while on his way to a job that none of these others (black, white, red or other wise) seem to need to get by.

      One day Tony meets a well dressed and articulate young man on his campus recruiting for some group that is basically a white nationalist group. The man says, “we are not racists, we just recognize differences between the races, and that seems to be okay for everyone to do except white people. We are tired of being told about our privilege at the same time we are told that our culture sucks and that we should not talk about it or be proud of it. We want to be treated equally to everyone else that is all, but we are done asking for that, we are now demanding it. Take a look this this flyer and consider attending one of our meetings”.

      This is the first positive and POWERFUL message that Tony has heard in years about his race and culture, it also sounds NOTHING LIKE his racists father’s constant use of the N word.

      Yes the true KKK hood wearing Nazi flag saluting overt racist fucks are few in number. Some because they died off, others realizing their message was one that was failing to work changed over to the White Nationalist and Alt Right Messages. They are the heads of the snake in this movement. Many join for the reason Tony did, but well, the path leads to the same dark place.

      To just say, there are not many of these people and they are not a danger is to miss the very real threat they represent.

      And every time the media gives a pass to the left, it gets worse.

      And David before you get to excited about so called “patriots” remember the words of Samuel Johnson from 1775, “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.”

      Many see this as an attack on patriotism, it isn’t, it is a simple point, that patriotism can be used to hide true malice by the scoundrels of the world, and when we follow under the banner of blind patriotism, very bad things happen.

  13. Phenomenal talk.

    In my younger days I flirted with both ends of the political spectrum and its ideologies, activism, and demonstrations. (It was a more peaceful time with more authentic participants, but many of the same elements have always been there.)

    You know exactly what you are talking about and more importantly, you clearly understand how these extremes are created and how we really are conditioned to choose between these sides.

    It is so refreshing to hear these truths explained in everyday terms, especially pertinent to today’s manufactured political chaos.

    Thank You.