Episode-2800- The Shit Has Only Begun to Hit the Fan — 14 Comments

  1. What’s your opinion on work from home IT workers being required to be vaccinated ? I would hope that would not be the case, though some companies do have company meetups every so often I would prefer to stay away from those than be vaccinated

  2. Can we have a plan please? One that will work for the common man. While I certainly like the idea of property ownership, it’s so out of reach for most of us that it functionality doesn’t exist. I certainly haven’t figured out how to overcome the ridiculous pricing of property.

    • Really? What have you done to change your situation? Keep shutting down your mental computer and saying ” it’s so out of reach for most of us that it functionality doesn’t exist” and other completely negative shit like that and see if it gets any better. Today’s Miyagi Mornings will be about this comment, you probably won’t like it, but people comfortable in their misery seldom like to hear valid paths out of said misery.

      Start with these questions

      How can I reduce expenses and increase income?
      What can I do to create new streams of income?
      Why do I think land prices are “ridiculous”?
      Where is land more affordable?
      How can I figure out how to get a place of my own?
      Who is living how I would prefer to live right now? (make a long list) and then, How did they get there?

      Or stick with your preposterous bullshit of “it’s so out of reach for most of us that it functionality doesn’t exist” and I make you a solemn promise that you will never get past where you are right now. You are the one slamming shitty code into your mental computer, you are the programmer, I can’t fix your shitty code, you have to.

      • Thank you for your video rant, I guess a response is better than nothing. Also your email follow-up system is not working. Personal attacks aside I hope we can get past such friction.

        My inquiry wasn’t just a matter of personal challenges but an attempt to have the concerns of an entire segment of people addressed. While I agree with your statements, don’t you think that if one was successful at making a plan that they would not have followed it to success? I’ve attempted this through many failed business ventures that only resulted in the accumulation debt. I spent the last 5yrs paying down this debt as a wage labor slave and it will take many more years before I’m free of it. So obviously I don’t know what I’m doing.

        Is this outcome so surprising in a population that hasn’t been trained to think? You know this. So I’ve attempted to seek out an expert in yourself to find a plan. Your a smart man Jack, some of us are not so blessed, the answer must be in there somewhere. The hour is late and the desperation grows.

        • And you want me to make you comfortable in sticking to your programming. Yes I am an expert (on some things), so follow my advice or don’t seek it. Get off the fuckin icantiom!

          The answer is YOU, get on with figuring out what the fuck you want and asking YOURSELF how you can have it. Or keep saying you can’t and prove your programmers right. The real HOUR is REAL LATE, you are running out of time.

          Not so blessed is LOSER FUCKING LANGUAGE. I guarantee you at 22 I was FAR LESS “blessed” then you and no one gave me shit.

          You are the man who seeks a master but does not hear his words. I can’t help you until you learn to listen.

        • I mean I wrote this in 2008!

          10. Your personal philosophy is more important for you than mine! You are the master of your own life and if you don’t agree with my views, great, define, understand and implement your own. The biggest thing you can do is understand that you are in control of your life and that what you do matters. Those two factors have the greatest impact on individual survival across every demographic you can imagine.

          And you know what, if I came to YOUR HOUSE, and spent 5 days analyzing your individual life and came up with an exact plan for you, do you know what you would do? Spend the next hour explaining why you can’t do it. Like I said in that video, I have already done more work for you than you have for yourself. You can’t see it because you don’t want to.

          I said I wanted success for you more than you did for yourself. I have also learned in 2020 to let go when the cause is hopeless. You are, for now, if YOU CHANGE THAT you know where to find me.

  3. Didn’t the great reset, grand master
    Her Schwaab say

    ” You will own nothing, and be

    Wouldn’t that mean land rights, also. They already have our alloidol land rights.

    Great show

    • And my old man said, often, “want in one hand and shit in the other”. Schwaab can get shitting if he wants my land.

  4. Jack you’re right. We are controlled through the money, through food, and through fear. Crypto has been taking off in a huge way, and people are looking at local food sources. People are buying up tracts of land away from the cities, too.

    You are a genius at pattern recognition! Thank you for the enlightenment you give us. It is an honor to listen.

    Old veteran.

  5. What is the non political affiliation you said you relate to? Capital individualism? Any resources for personal investigation?

    • I am a voluntarist or you can say agorist or the scary scary word anarchis. But such labels are only for others to understand me, not so I can be part of a thing or self identify.

      In reality I am Jack Spirko, human, and that is enough.

      If you need supporting material this is not a bad place to start

  6. Not Surprisingly, you are the only person I have heard state the obvious about this “riot” in Washington D.C. As much as I hate to watch any news channels, I also live by a quote from the Art of War…. ” keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer”, so I do begrudgingly thumb through their biased, editorialized, bullshit. I have heard no one say that these people are tired of being fed shit and told its fillet mignon. Literally, not ONE news channel reported any possibility these thousands have any reason to protest, and are somehow listed as “terrorists”. Really? was their head in the sand for the last six months? Where were these dipshits when police cars were being destroyed, and city blocks burned? Its reaffirmation for me that I was right years ago to get out of this B.S. system. For some reason, anyone with their own opinion is either a crazy militant, or a racist. I’m not going to rant but I again appreciate the candor.
    I also appreciated the comments concerning far left protesters vs. conservative…. I was in a small town bar the other night with a small group of people that just got done snowmobiling. I literally made the same argument you did on the show today….. Just leave us alone, but if you don’t the other side will see unbelievable, violence…..from people with actual training….. just sayin.

  7. hosting an HOA road meeting tonight (yes our house is for sale and we’re looking for land further out but this WAS further out when we bought it) and I’ve written Jack’s quote “The more local a government is the more oppressive it will be.” on my 4×8 white board. Can’t wait for everyone to get here 🙂