Nick Ferguson on the Shifting Mood of Society – Epi-3088 — 2 Comments

  1. I head you say you’re going to get a chamber vacuum sealer.

    My tip for it is when you make large batches of soup, you can vacuum seal it in bags and freeze it flat. Then it will stack nice in the freezer like a row of books on a shelf. Way easier than canning leftovers. If you try to vacuum seal while the soup is still hot, it will boil under the vacuum and make a mess, so make sure it has a chance to cool off.

    I also haven’t bought ice packs since we got one. You can just freeze bags of water

    I got mine from webstaraunt store .com and it has all replaceable internal parts.

  2. I really like the shows with Ferguson. Y’all complimented each other so well.