Episode-114- Setting Self Sufficiency and Survival Goals for 2009 — 6 Comments

  1. yo
    when are you going to talk about how myth prophecy and science unite in theories of the end. you may call me a tin hat guy but i believe that the earth will be burnt to a crisp along with pole shifts and such. the only way to survive is underground. are you building underground at your hot springs getaway?

  2. That would be a big, (in my best George Bush Jr. voice), “not gonna do it, wouldn’t be prudent”.

    A pole shift could happen and it could cause some real issues (like to the grid) but it won’t burn us to a crisp, it already happened at least 4 times in history.

    Underground? Yea but only for food storage (root cellar) and the possible stray tornado that manages to handle the elevation changes.

    You opinions are quite welcome here Searcher, just not shared as being reality by me.

  3. the “change” Obama & Congress have set up prior to election is this: each state will become a police state; in oregon, “supposedly” broke: all brand new police cars, & 1000 (# given) new state police added; they passed water laws for everything including you can not even drink from your own well; they are agressively trying to pollute/mine/build over all fresh water supply: one is expanding ski lodge over area (Ashland or); another Coal Mountain is set to explode top of mountain; another in NY is going to mine the watershed; THIS is their plan of attack; each state is segmented off; all have the same agendas; this was put into effect during DNC; it is called the “rebuild & renew” or something like this; we are NOT to be allowed to plant anything; or raise any animals; water supplies will be cut off; humans have the NEED for water not the RIGHT to water; if you do not pay in 3 days you will die; THIS is the “freedom” they are taking globally with our “supposedly” broke nation: paying billions of $ for other countries to go along with them cuz hey hey hey gotten away with it (oppression & abuse) of citizens for a very long period of time. Heads up alert everyone!

  4. For a great Survival book go to: Over 600 pages devoted to

    your survival.

    Your Welcome.


  5. I really think this is a great episode I have seen to many New Years Resolutions go to pot in the first week. From myself included. This is something I am so looking forward to doing. I have a great notebook that is a bit more like a binder but I think it might be easier for me to use.

  6. I know I am a little late in saying it, but great show/topic. I just found your pod cast today and have listened to three episodes (this one as I was cooking diner.) Two comments

    -First, I agree with you 100% regarding your goal settling process. I recently completed an 18 week LE training course. Part of the course was a Physical Efficiency Battery. I had a desired score that I wanted to achieve. It was quite a ways from where I was at, but I made a bar graph chart for the various elements and broke it down into smaller milestones and eventually completed my ultimate goal, which at the onset seemed near impossible. You are right that using this method can yield results as long as the individual sticks to the simple written plan.

    -Second, Unfortunately the people that really need the advice presented in today’s show probably are not the type to listen to this pod cast, and conversely the people who concern themselves with the issues you address on your show are probably pretty good at following through, this is a trait that makes a good survivalist. That being said you made a great point about how in some ways the rigid structure of a written timeline can be freeing. I liked the recess analogy.

    Thanks for your service. Keep up the good work.