Senate Bill 510 Now On the Floor of the Senate — 11 Comments

  1. Apparently, the Tester amendment is a small farm exemption for farms whose income is less than $500,000 and sell within a certain radius and/or in state. I did find this on Senator Tester’s website:

    There is a lot of alarmist BS surrounding this bill but simply put, it will not make our food safer and without the amendment, it will put undue burden on small farms.

  2. @Brian, one thing I saw encouraging in that article was that Chambliss seemed to feel “the 500,000 dollar farm exception” was to low at least that is how I read it.

    This is the first that I have heard of an actual vs. proposed small farm amendment. Does anyone know what amendment this is and who proposed it? If nothing else this would keep a lot of small producers protected from this monstrosity. Sure I wouldn’t mind seeing it go higher but 500k would alleviate a lot of concerns for small time producers and certainly quell all hype about things like barter between neighbors.

  3. @Erin, you must have posted right as I was posting, thanks for that. I am going to look deeper into this Tester Amendment.

  4. Unfortunately, one of my senators, K. Gillibrand, is a Co-Sponsor of this ridiculous bill. Nice to know that my own state’s senators have sold what’s left of the small upstate farms under the bus.

    Fortunately, we will continue to operate much the same as we always have up here. Informal barter systems that serve the local economy quite well and operate outside of the influence of the communistas in Albany.

  5. Jack,

    Thank you for consistently maintaining level-headed and logical views on your positions. It keeps you content valuable!

    Strange how people are constantly blown about by emotion and rumors. I have tried to get friends to make the effort and contact their senators, whatever their position, but have been blown off by opinions already formed based on the crazy rumors.

  6. Specter has received nearly $210k and Casey around $50k from lobbying groups supporting the bill. They both voted yes on cloture.

  7. Jack,
    Thanks for the heads up, Both my Senators and the State Attorney General have been emailed

    This is really not good, and in fact gives if I have read your post through and through, gives more power those those like Monsanto Corp ( May their profit magin drop immediately).

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