Self Directed Learning with ChatGPT – Epi-3329 — 10 Comments

  1. Hi Jack,
    Great show! I just tried Chat GTP and was blown away at how amazing the results are. I think this could be a great tool to explore with our kids while homeschooling. Are you using an AI art generator for the images created for your thumbnails? If so, what?
    Thank you,

    • Yes and it is MidJourney which you use through discord. If you have the ChatGPT upgrade there is a plugin called Photo Realistic that makes prompts for midjourney, they may require editing to get what you want but it is really cool.

  2. What is your opinion on OpenAI’s privacy policy and how they will use customer’s AI interaction info? I get that Alphabet already collects/sells most everyone’s info, but it seems OpenAI will soon have even more and diverse user data to spread/sell.

    • In spite of what AI told you I simply assume any website that has a login is keeping any data I provide. Hence I wouldn’t use GPT for anything I didn’t want anyone to know about. Since largely I use it to help with content I am making public that mostly sorts itself out.

      At some point as it gets better and easier I will build my own self hosted open source AI.

  3. Below was a question and answer. I’m sure “unless explicitly provided by the user” gives them the go ahead to use anything based on agreeing to their privacy policy (as with any website’s policy).

    What will you do with my conversations?
    As an AI language model, I don’t have the ability to store personal data or conversations unless explicitly provided by the user for the purpose of the conversation itself. I’m designed to respect user privacy and confidentiality. My primary function is to provide information and answer questions to the best of my knowledge and abilities. Remember to avoid sharing sensitive personal information online and be cautious while interacting with AI models and other online platforms.

  4. I used Chat GPT to help me untangle a mesh electric fence that a lamb tried to kill itself with. If you have ever tried to untangle one of these you know it can feel like you need a PHD in string theory to figure it out.It was a mess…three prompts later…boom…done.

    Not really…but I was listening to this episode. Very good show!

  5. Jack, thanks for doing this exceptional episode! You provided lots of practical ideas for starting out with AI. Recently, my wife had a critical CT scan, and we were anxious to understand the results. However, the report was filled with technical jargon that was impossible for us to decipher. Taking your advice, I used AI to simplify the report to a 5th-grade level. The speed and accuracy were mind-blowing! Thanks.