Episode-489- Security During a Break Down – Lessons from “The Colony” on Discovery — 9 Comments

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  2. I can’t think of anything you didn’t cover. An absolutely brilliant presentation! It genuinely deserves to go ‘viral’ in the ‘survival/sustainable’ community…and beyond. I’ll definitely do whatever I can to help make that happen.

  3. Wow, Jack… I was home sick today and watched the entire first season (first time watching it). I decided to check my email and saw the show posting. Talk about timely!! =-o

  4. Excellent coverage of this highly important topic!! At some point I hope that you will cover the usefulness of elementary intelligence/counter intelligence as well. Really pleased with today’s show!

  5. I like the dark screens idea, can I buy them @ lowes?
    Great ideas on this show! My food is not all in one place…scattered thru-out..use the car also.

  6. @Foxy yea but the issue is forming them to your screen frames. There is a tool to do it with buy you may want to try it with a spare frame and a bit of material first before you commit. We paid a company to do it and they did it quick and right.

  7. Enough about the FB contest already. This is the second episode that I had to sit through your whining about some stupid contest using a technology, that if TSHTF, won’t even be around, so who cares?