Ashley Schnese on Why You Should Give a F&ck About Birth Freedom – Epi 2913 — 8 Comments

  1. THANK YOU!!! Jack, I was surprised to see you do an episode on birth, and I wasn’t interested as I am done having kids, but I listened anyway. My birth stories are almost exactly the same as Ashley’s, minus the bath. My husband essentially forced me into a home birth on #2 (he was as traumatized with the first as I was) and it was the best decision ever. But, since having my first I have been plagued with anxiety, not really understanding how bad it was. I finally had a mental meltdown last week and am seeking help. When Ashley described that she kept imaging the demise of her family over and over I broke down… THAT IS WHAT I DO. All that to say I really needed to hear this message today and I can’t thank you enough.

    • Althea…This moved me to tears. I’m so glad that I could provide what you needed in this moment of your journey. You are seen and you are heard. Your experience is valid. And speaking as someone who is loads better than I was two years ago at the peak of my struggle, IT WILL GET BETTER. I am so excited and proud of you that you are seeking help, because YOU DESERVE TO FEEL BETTER. All the love in the world, Ashley <3

  2. THANK YOU!!!
    Thank you, Jack, for episode 2913 with Ashley. I’m still listening to the episode, in tears, having a panic attack from flashbacks from my incredibly traumatic births. In her description of the worst that can happen in the ‘standard’ hospital births, she described exactly what happened to me – a lot of implied consent, glossed over procedures, the spiral of how they take over more and more of your birth and put you through the most terrible pain of your life. I almost lost both my boys, almost died a couple times, have life long medical and emotional issues now because of those terrible experiences. After finishing listening, trying to calm down, I realize that I probably need to get some professional help because I shouldn’t be still having panic attacks 4 years afterwards so thank you for also covering the postpartum mental health issues as well.
    This episode MUST be shared with every person who ever plans on having children and family.
    Thank you so much.

    • M, my heart is with you friend <3 YOU ARE SO STRONG AND I AM SO PROUD OF YOU FOR RECOGNIZING THAT HEALING STILL NEEDS TO BE DONE!! I will tell every mother on this earth, you deserve to feel better. Please do share this with anyone you feel would benefit, we really have to spread the word and validate the women around us. I am sending energy of empowerment and gentle healing your way <3 -Ashley

  3. Thank you for sharing this. My first two childbirths both ended in surgery because my doctors did not listen to me. My third childbirth was unassisted at home because I was done with knife-happy doctors. I researched EVERYTHING so I knew what an emergency looked like and could call the ambulance if I needed. I attended my best-friend’s birth and was there for her like I wish someone had been there for me. I was one piece of paperwork away from attending school to become a nurse-midwife before life got in the way. We need more available choices for women to know they have options.

  4. Great advice that I’ve used for years towards the end of the interview. Pretty sure I saw it boiled down to 3 words in web comic years ago: “advice or sympathy?” It will save both parties a lot of frustration and headaches. I wish I would have heard this years ago.

  5. Just to bring forward something touched on during the call. Having young girls experience birth, I agree, is a fantastic idea.

    My 12 year old daughter was present at her little brothers birth – she even cut the cord. And the conversations about sex were much different after that experience then before. AND — might ruffle some feathers here and I don’t really care — but her negative view on abortion only solidified itself.

    Anyway — great interview – great information — even for the male viewers in the audience. The reality is — we are wired to fix things — and giving men tools like this ( knowledge ) helps us fix them – rather then make the worse. if that makes any sense at all 🙂

    • Kudos to you for getting her involved!

      Agreed, I enjoyed the episode too and passed on some points to my wife as well.