Etienne de la Boetie2 on the Scam of Government – Episode-2951 — 11 Comments

  1. I have been a listener for several years. I think this is the most important and educational podcast you have ever produced. This was truly an important life altering moment for me. Thanks from a 68 year old unvaxed skeptic.

  2. Thanks fir all you do, Jack.
    I am going on a road trip today and look forward to listening to this.
    Apropos of nothing (other than ongoing learning!), the guy’s last name is pronounced “bo-ay-SEE” in French, for what it’s worth. (As opposed to “bow-tie” which is how it looks in English.)

    In the “good old days,” I traveled to France a lot, and enjoyed wonderful conversations with the country folks there. They are a great people. Like us, they have globalist overlords and are trying to shake them off.

  3. Technology like beaker browser, a peer-to-peer bit-torrent type decentralized, technology has the ability to overcome censorship. When file sharing for music came under attack and companies like napster were sued and regulated out of business BitTorrent defeated the powers that should not be and to this day you can get almost any music or video free.

    • You forgot the last part of that last sentence it should say: “…and while screwing over “big music” continue to screw over the content creators too.”

      Which is why’s model is the way to go.

  4. This was a very enlightening thought experiment. It will be interesting to see where we go from here as the US empire is crushed under its own weight and unravels.

    One thing that surprised me though…the guy bitched about how the government sucks and how the school system abused his son, but his son is still in government schools. Doesn’t that make him something of a hypocrite by feeding the machine he preaches against?

    Jack is living what he preaches and his kids believe in what he’s doing to the point they trust Jack and Dorothy to manage the grand kids education with Accellus Academy. That’s anarchy…extracting from and starving the machine.

    • First commandment of being a good anarchist, THOU SHALL NEVER BE A PURIST ASSHOLE.

      Every heard of a marriage, ever heard of a time when a wife and husband disagree, ever heard of a divorce? Ever heard of the family court system after a divorce?

      Just a few of about 10,000 things to consider before judging a man you don’t know about a situation you are not in.

      I am privileged that we GET TO HOME SCHOOL our grand kids and grateful in a way to CoVid for it. Without covid there is no way my son and daughter-in-law would have agreed to it. We do it at their consent, blessing now but at first it was at consent only.

  5. I knew money couldn’t be the only reason. I thought I was woke, I think I am now, …if money is devalued through exposure of the scam then their main hold on us is gone and they lose literally everything, power, position, voice, everything they would have no more stature than the rest of us. Their only recourse after that would be violence and mass murder. Shit!