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  1. Hey Jack,
    I just want to say that I appreciate you honor and integrity. It’s refreshing in this day and age to find someone who stands by their word. For that reason a feel fully confident in following your podcast/becoming an MSB member and in doing business with TSP Mint and now SBSS.


    • Arty!!! Feel free to send some my way! Love you and miss you:) tell Mar her best friend says hey!!

  2. Thank you jack for getting involved. You had to. How many, including myself, came immediately to look to you for clarity after Chris Duane’s first post? You gave it, and I trust your judgement so stood with mm. Chris’ later updates got more and more odd, even contradicting himself at times about details. My rounds all arrived, I love them. It looks like mm will be fine now. If so you did us all (& your friend and biz partner rob) a big solid by helping clear away the bs. Thanks.
    As usual, you proved that you operate ethically in business and personally. I hope Chris the best, because it looks like something caused him to lash out. He is human.

  3. With all respect, I am one of those calling it a drama. So what?

    Calling it a drama doesn’t mean that I am not interested in how it unfolds, especially considering that I also wish see truth and justice prevail at the end of the day. This is not even to attempt to measure the damage this has done to our small silver community and the potential it has to do more damage. However, I’ve made it abundantly clear that I am not interested to continue to buy SBSS medallions, and even if I was, I couldn’t because of factors outside my control.

    We’ve been supporting Chris Duane, Rob Gray and the Mulligan Mint for months by buying SBSS medallions hand over fist, but is should be abundantly clear that the SBSS brand has been stained beyond repair… there is too much bad blood flowing at this stage.

    Why don’t the Mulligan Mint do away with the SBSS brand and introduce something new and refreshing, something that is not associated with Chris Duane in any way or surrounded by all the negativity, drama and BS? I mean it is clear that Chris is not planning to come to the table and is ready for a legal battle that will probably be drawn out for months if not years. Why continue to support a brand that is built on so much negativity? I might be dead wrong, but I will be surprised to see support for the brand at the same strength as before, not because we support or not support Chris Duane, Rob Gray and/or the Mulligan Mint, but because of the negativity, drama and BS mentioned. To deny this is to deny the fact that most of us are seeking unity within the silver community, not division fueled by personalities, tainted brands and what have you.

    Rob, why don’t you guys launch a competition where folks within the silver community can submit suggestions and/or ideas for a new brand? Let’s start afresh and I am sure support will flood in if such a brand resonates with the majority of us within the silver community. Hell, there is no doubt in my mind that you will be able to drop the SBSS brand, including the SBSS designs, and bring something fresh and exciting to the table in terms of a new brand. I mean, look at the excellent graphics designs used in the latest SBSS marketing campaign… it is ass-kicking on so many levels, but the negativity surrounding the SBSS brand is not doing it any good. Again, I might have the cat completely by its tail (or balls) here, but I thought it necessary to give my point of view.

    Needless to say, Godspeed to all involved. Let’s unite as one within the silver community and do what we do best: Buying and stacking physical silver while having a chat and a good laugh. The world is filled with enough negativity and BS as it is. I think we’ve all learned in a relative small space of time that we all can be full of shit on our best days, but let’s not allow it to grow on us, and maybe more importantly, let’s not give our common enemies the satisfaction of seeing a divided silver community, especially if such division is largely based on forces from within than on forces from outside.

  4. Jack, hanks for keeping integrity in the forefront of your show.
    Already ordered some “Free Reign Slave Queen Freedom Girl”. I think they’ll be a good investment not only for the silver but the back story as well. Better the story more of a conversation piece it will become.

  5. @Jack

    High horse? I think that is a bit uncalled for, especially considering that I came to the table with honesty and a desire to help. I’ve not for one moment claimed that you’ve mentioned the drama bit just because I called it a drama. What gives you the idea? I’ve stated it elsewhere and will say state it again: “As a Christian I choose to follow Jesus Christ and no other. This includes Chris Duane and myself” (and all others, including you).

    In terms of the comment you refer to, if you would care enough to notice, you will see that the above comment of mine was posted before that comment was posted. I did read it in the meantime and fully agree.

    Anyhow, I am sure you don’t really give a rat’s ass about what I have to say or not to say, otherwise you wouldn’t bring the charge of getting off your high horse into it. In fact, I am sure in your minds eye I am just wasting your time again. So let me rather take my shit elsewhere, firstly, to where the silver community is acknowledged, and secondly, to where folks are prepared to unit within such a community.

    As I’ve stated at YouTube: “I am one of? those who acknowledge the existence of the silver community, and needless to say, its based on both human dynamics and metal. This is not to claim that the silver community doesn’t consist of various groups and individuals who make up different communities. However, as far as those of us who get together with the purpose of buying and stacking physical silver go, we’re a silver community within larger communities. You don’t have to like or acknowledge it.”

    Don’t let the high horse and I stand in your way. Godspeed.

    • Jack is a very talented man and hard working at that, but he can’t stand or ignore criticism. He has to have the last word evem at his own expense. Get used to it.

      • Yep, I have to agree with that. Jack does not and can not accept criticism. We have seem him tell subject matter experts “…I don’t care what you say…” and adding his opinion anyway.
        Jack, you are a good guy but try to keep you feet on the ground. Don’t forget the attitude adjustment you got from your listeners over the NY hurricane name calling drama a while back.

        I have bought from SBSS based on helping them out for a good cause and on their marketing showing they knew what they were doing. Their prices were higher than other silver rounds out there but it was a good cause. However after they cashed the checks, sat on the money, messed up and then did not compensate their customers for the pretty big mess up I am reluctant to buy from them anymore.

        For the records Chris Duane’s rants should be ignored in my mind. It’s between the two parties and unless you were in the room(s) none of us know exactly what went on. That being said, failure to provide product on time and compensate for that lack of service by the company can not be ignored.

        On a side note, I recall Jack stating in his earlier shows that you should never buy numismatic silver but only junk type silver many shows ago. What’s with the change of hart on this matter? Why the change to “…Personally I never over invest in anything with collector or numismatic value….”.
        I am too busy to go look up the old shows but it is food for thought.

        • Really, hm, allowed this and have nothing to say about it. I don’t care if people disagree, I care when they are factually inaccurate.

        • I’ve been listening since mid 2009. I’ve listened to all the old episodes. Your recollection of Jack recommending only junk silver doesn’t ring a bell. I seem to recall him recommending a variety of primarily intrinsic silvers as investments, and then on a few occasions talking about getting numismatic items if you feel like it. The junk silver Nazi turned numismatic proponent was he who’s name I’ll just omit.

        • I have never even one time recommended ONLY junk silver and have taught a variety approach for a long time. I have said buy eagles, generic rounds, bars, pre 64s, whatever you like but keep a variety. I have stated and still do, do not over invest in coins with purely numismatic value. Yes we sell some proofs and limited edition proofs at a premium. Because they are cool and people like them. Secondary markets do develop and if anyone wants to make a profit while they can after a run is over, go for it.

          We are not though trying to push a 1 ounce silver round for 300 dollars.

          Now who was the guy that said to ONLY buy pre64s, that it was the only thing you should ever buy period as it has the lowest premium. Who called it constitutional silver? Who then turned around and pushed special limited editions like mad as soon as he could profit from it, hmmmm, who could it be, um I don’t know, was it Satan?!! Had to do the Church lady ref, watching reruns of SNL from the 90s right now on Netflix.

          No of course it was Chris Duane who said that not Jack Spirko and it was Chris that said to go all in 100% on silver. Surprised none of his drones have called him out on the numismatic only pre 64 constitutional thing.

          Here is the episode,

          Folks I try not to debate guests, just because they say something doesn’t mean I agree.

      • i do recall the show and when jack spoke of numismatic he was speaking on collector value as in the sealed “ms” rated silver… i.e. 80$ morgans.

  6. I was not in any way aware of these ongoing issues with MM / CFTC before placing two separate orders through the TSP Mint website. I was aware of the TSP Mint shutting down the web store prior, do to order fulfillment issues, but after Jacks assurance that things were back on track to his satisfaction, I decided to throw some business that way.
    Unfortunately the recent revelation of these other issues have planted seeds of doubt.
    Add to that:
    1) I received no e-mail or any other type of “payment received” confirmation.
    2) My projected order shipment date for the first order is already 5 days behind schedule and I was told today that it would be another week.
    3) I received no e-mail or any other type of correspondence informing me of a delay in product shipment with new projected shipment date. I had to call them.
    4) There seems to be nothing in the Terms and Conditions to indicate at what point “we” can agree that CFTC has failed to meet their obligation, and I have the option to fully liquidate my order at market value. (Maybe I missed it somewhere in all the other “we are not liable” boiler plate.
    I get that this is a small company going through growing pains. I get that there is a huge demand for silver.
    I have waited for 3 months and will be waiting for another month for an order I placed with my regular supplier. And probably 4-6 more months for subsequent orders.
    The difference is that my other supplier is always in contact with me by e-mail and snail mail at every turn. And my options to liquidate at any given time are crystal clear and there is a definitive point at which I can declare them to have failed to meet their obligation and have the choice to liquidate at current market value if I so choose.
    I would like to continue to support TSP through the purchase of silver from time to time, but now that I have a better understanding of how the “TSP Mint” operates, I do not feel secure in this avenue of silver investment at the moment.
    I just don’t see were Jack (who I trust to be an honest businessman) has any real control over the operation of, or can guarantee fulfillment of orders placed through “TSP Mint” which is simply an affiliate site operated buy CFTC / MM / AOCS who seem to be all one in the same under different names?????
    I hope I’m wrong. I like the concept.

    • You’re right. All the causes affiliated and fully dependent on the Mulligan Mint at this stage are listed here:

      Agorist Metals

      The American Redoubt

      Day of Resistance

      Free Lakota Bank

      The Republic of Texas

      Road to Roota

      Silver Bear Cafe

      The Survival Podcast Mint

      I am not saying it is a good or bad thing, I am just stating the facts.

    • Well you will notice a distinct lack of government initials in anything AOCS does. We don’t rely on “the man” at all.

      Can I have control over things with AOCS/Rob/Mulligan, to a degree yes and to a degree no. You either take them at their word and do business with them via myself or any other partner or you don’t.

      The entire point of AOCS is private commerce between private individuals.

      • Jack,

        If the “government” coins backed by the “man”, reply was to me…….well I am an anarchist…..and your tendency to jump to conclusions about what people want in the form of silver investments, based on a “complaint” about a company selling your coins… it’s unbecoming.

        I don’t know you, but up to this point in listening to you I feel that you’re a standup guy, although I don’t agree with everything you have to say. I don’t contribute to you through your MSB. But, I do appreciate what you do and wanted to support you via paying a higher premium (than what I can otherwise get silver rounds and bars for) + shipping cost (that I otherwise wouldn’t have to pay) on silver that “you are selling”.

        But now for reasons already stated I have concerns.

        Maybe my comments have been misplaced. They were as much for other consumers benefit as anything.
        This is the free market at work. I’m a firm believer in word of mouth advertising and doing business on one’s reputation.

        • My response was in regard to your ref to the CFTC, that is the man.

    • “I just don’t see were Jack (who I trust to be an honest businessman) has any real control over the operation of, or can guarantee fulfillment of orders placed through “TSP Mint” which is simply an affiliate site operated buy CFTC / MM / AOCS who seem to be all one in the same under different names?????”

      According to Jack, who apparently feels the need to insult and critisize any comments that he is not in agreement with, he is a PARTNER, not just an affiliate. Therefore, he should have very much to do with whether your orders get shipped as promised. Right Jacko? Wayd. Get used to dissapointment when doing future business with the mulligan mint or anyone that is a supporter of the fraud! You dont want to be the one left silverless when Rob flees to Singapore with your $$.

      • Why would you expect a PRIVATE BANK to be licensed or FDIC insured? You know what you won’t find FLB customers complaining about their accounts. The bank has been around a long time. Frankly there is more then one group that claims to be “The Nation of Lakota” and one chief has denied the authority of another. So what? Who gives a shit, find a FLB customer that says they lost their investment. I can find a lot of people who were part of licensed institutions that lost their investments.

        Seriously grow up and stop looking to the government to tell you what to do. Funny how people like Chris spend their entire careers tearing apart the government, saying it is irrelevant, a scam, needs to fail, is full of murders and killers, etc. Then the first disagreement they can’t solve for themselves who do they run to?

        • I dont expect them to be FDIC insured. But I do expect some transparency, which they do not provide. Not a single name listed on their website under management. It was “coming soon” for months while my deposits were there (actually not there in SD, but in a vault at the mulligan mint). Is that not fucking odd Jacko??? I did receive my early withdrawal but so did many of Bernie Madoff investors. Many were paid, and the ones that stayed in the game lost it all in the end. Thats what a ponzi looks like.

        • So don’t set up an account there but don’t come off with your bullshit calling it a scam either. With Madoff you had a name, what good did it do anyone. Oh and he was licensed too, how did that help anyone.

      • And from your own link this is what the Gman says about it,

        “We don’t have any reason to believe that there’s anything illegal or unethical going on here. It just raises some red flags that there’s a chance of that and there’s no way to verify that— whether it’s operating in a safe and sound matter or not,” Afdahl said.”

        You know what that means, we don’t have any control over it, it is in the hands of native Americans on their reservation and by treaty we can’t do a thing about it, so we must slander it because that is all we have power to do.

        Go campaign for Obama or Romney or which ever side of the dichotomy you put your faith in.

    • I share the same feelings a Wayd. Jacks statement above “Had I failed to do so and had Mulligan not come though this event, perhaps some of you would have lost your investment in silver you were waiting on, has anyone even thought of that” makes me wonder if this was a good investment after all. Knowing I could lose the silver I have rightfully ordered and paid for not being secured or held with opportunity of repayment seems sketchy. I am a long time listener and enjoy the podcast

      • You could loose buying silver from anyone if some sort of shit storm happens. My God, the lack of understanding here. Really? Again look at the list New Mike and I came up with of places the could never fail where people lost there asses. If you want a risk free world live in a bubble and hope that doesn’t fail. When a new mint is attacked the way MM was of course there is a risk of failure, especially when the attacker intends that to be the result. What do you think would happen if one of the partners in Apmex or Monex did what Chris did here?

        • Jack,
          I somehow don’t believe for a minute that under normal circumstances you would use the fact the “doing business is risky” to recommend ignoring red flags and not doing any kind of risk assessment when choosing who to do business with. I do think your pissed off.
          Since you obviously are still making time for this thread……….

          Red flag #1…No communication from TSPmint, CFTC, MM to buyer when orders are placed or payments are recieved.

          This is online business etiquette 101, ESPECIALLY when taking someone’s money before shipping product.
          Remember Ebay before Paypal was the preferred method of payment for everyone. What was one of the most common feed back comments in the ratting section???? Communication… there was good prompt communications between seller and buy or not.

          Good communication puts the buyer more at eases throughout the transaction when they are putting out the cash up front.

          This was my only issue until you, Jack, started airing dirty laundry concerning the mint on your show.

          So I started to assess and investigate………And I found out that I was not even doing business with Jack.

          Honestly I thought I was buying Silver from Jack Spirko……I knew Jack wasn’t minting it, but I believed Jack was selling it because that is how Jack marketed it.

          (I know my local bullion dealer/ coin shop ain’t making the shit I buy from them…but when we make a deal and lock in a price and they take my money for a bar of Gold they don’t have in stock and need to order…….they are responsible for delivering to me.)

          So really the reason I brought my concerns to your blog Jack is because, I feel that I was mislead buy the way you marketed TSPmint. Now that I understand affiliate marketing……….I think maybe I was intentionally mislead…..and that smoke and mirrors and a little white lies are SOP for a lot of affiliate marketers…………and the entire AOCS, CFTC and MM is an elaborate affiliate marketing venture created by or with which Rob Gray is obviously heavily involved.

          I don’t have a problem buying through you from someone else, if I know that’s what I’m doing up front. I do it on all the time. But Amozon tells me up front that they are not the seller nor are they fulfilling the order.

          Thanks for your time Jack.

        • Wayd, what a complete load of bullshit, almost not worth my time to respond. The entire process has been transparent from day one, as transparent as anything can be and yes I am selling it. TSP Mint is a partnership with myself and Mulligan Mint/AOCS. If you can’t comprehend that, I can’t help you.

          I have posted blog after blog here explaining how this works, I posted videos of the mint showing WHERE THE ITEMS SHIP FROM.

          And on the communications I posted this! order confirmations are AUTOMATIC and has customer service. Do you think the owner of every business should preform all CS personally for his business? Really? Is that what you expect?

          Frankly no one misled you! You are full of shit and your lack of ability to understand things is not my problem.

        • Red flag #1: Check your spam filter dude. I have purchase confirmations, and shipping confirmations for each of my orders. Payment receipt is pretty obvious: it’s called a canceled check.

          You really thought Jack in all his spare time was stuffing boxes with coins for all these orders? Really? SMH… I’m pretty sure you were alone on that one. I’m not sure how it could not have been more clear that SBSS and TSPM had the same source. There were entire shows dedicated to how that was all set up and operating.

  7. Ive mentioned the “drama” before, but it was squarely on the antics that Chris is causing. He called out for everyone to shun MM and anyone affiliated with it. That would be TSP then by definition. Since I am part of MSB, I listen to this show quite a bit, and invest somewhat into this brand, I don’t like the drama at all. It’s not a knock on you Jack as clearly the unprofessional side is from Duanne’s camp.

    As you put it, Chris is bent on making MM go out of business which could directly effect you, TSP members, and me personally as I have skin in this silver launch. I personally want MM to succeed because I plan on getting my silver, and hopefully ordering more as I can. So not liking the drama is about seeing it go away so that MM can succeed better / faster.

  8. Jack, I have a bit of trivia to ask you.

    Please tell me the names of the artists behind these coins.

    Silver Bullet, Silver Shield artist is Johan Kirsten
    Debt and Death artist is Johan Kirsten
    Slave Queen artist is ???
    Freedom Girl artist is ???
    Sentinel artist is ???

    Thanks. 🙂

    • Slave Queen, not sure, likely it is Mike who works for Rob and did a lot of design work for me. He is also the guy that took Johan’s concepts and made them coins.

      Freedom, same answer as above.

      Sentinel Obverse, designed originally by our graphics guy who works for Kelly with the TSP Gear Shop. The coin version was modified by Mike to work on a coin die, he added a lot of the details like the feathering in the wings and the detail to the plume on the helmet, with direction from myself, Trey and Will of Mulligan Mint.

      Sentinel Reverse (sword and shield) – the original concept was all Mike other then my suggestions for the AR and Musket. He came up with the shield and sword. Will, Trey and I worked with him on that concept added the rivets so it was clear that it was a shield because without that it looks like a Masonic Compass.

      The phrases “Every Citizen a Sentinel” and “If 300 Can Stand, What Can 55 Million Do” where both my concepts.

      All the sculpts were done by Heidi and the dies were cut by someone who works with Rob, that name I don’t know. Key is all were team efforts and all involved do deserve recognition.

      The Ant Image used on the TSP Ant Shield Coin and on the limited edition Sentinel Proof is the work of photographer Alex Wild, you can see the original photograph here. I of course paid Alex for the use of his image!i=642207282&k=KbvBqjg

  9. Would love to see some TSP coins with Freedom Girl (or something similar) on one side and the sentinel artwork on the other.

    • Me too. I love the Freedom Girl design, but with SBSS charging shipping of $11 for one coin I can’t justify the purchase.
      (For comparison, shipping on a TSPMint coin coming from the exact same place is $8.)

  10. The Sentinels + MSB are a good deal. Unless you’re buying 100 oz somewhere else (or have ‘special relationships’ people have been bragging about ;-)).. you’re not going to beat the price.

    And you’re supporting two independent companies (MM & TSP) and all of the artists and workers involved. For ZERO additional cost over what you could get the silver for elsewhere.

    So the big ‘complaint’ seems to be:
    ‘What if it turns out that x is a crook and I lose all my money!?!?’

    Well.. its ‘speculation’ money right? Money you can afford to lose? No one should be using their life savings to buy silver form one vendor. You shouldn’t be using your life savings to buy any one thing from any one person.

    Do the preparedness thing.. spread out your bets. Buy some silver here.. some there.. some gold here.. some gold there. You know.. don’t have all your eggs in one basket.

    And if you can’t afford to lose ANY eggs.. what the heck are you doing buying silver?

    just IMHO.

    I’ll be buying more sentinels.. particularly if silver keeps falling 😉

    Come on $15/oz!

    • I can order a minimum of 50oz today for $1.80 + spot no shipping charge. I would have to wait for probably 3 months with the option to liquidate a market valve, then will be notified of a delay and given another months wait with a FULL money back guarantee at the end of the second shipment window if the order is not filled. With every step of the transaction documented in e-mails a physical mail.

      I want to support TSP through the purchase of silver. And I would like to see MM succeed.

      “It is ‘speculation’ money” “Money you can afford to lose?” This is crazy talk.

      It is money paid in exchange for a product………I expect to receive that product, or at some reasonable point in time my money back. I give a shit about the worth of the product at the time I receive it.

      I think it prudent in light to be somewhat concerned with the reputation of the mint in question. They haven’t been operating long enough to any kind of history and there’s a bunch shit going down with people involved.

      I am trying to spread my eggs and support small business. Just happened to find a basket full of dirty laundry that smells a little funny and needs to be aired before I will consider using it again.

      Come on $10/oz

      And @ Jack @5:50.

      You lost me dude.
      I directed my concerns to Coins for the Cause, “the man”…….???? Sorry to mess your blog, I initially misunderstood who was selling what to whom.

      • It is crazy talk! I thought I should keep with the general tone of the conversation. 😉

        I’m saying it more for this..

        There is all sorts of speculation, without any evidence, that ‘something’ will go wrong with MM orders.

        People want a ‘guarantee’ that everything will go fine. (winning!)

        And I’m saying.. you need to get used to living in a world with NO GUARANTEES.

        Dealing with established companies? Absolutely. But still, NOT guaranteed. MF Global??? Bernie Madoff?? AIG?

        ‘Safe’ and ‘established’ today.. *poof*

        bye bye life savings.

        Not encouraging anyone to do anything against they’re instincts or principles.. just suggesting you need to understand that there are no ‘guarantees’ and hedge accordingly.


      • I’m sure we could add a dozen to that list.. 🙂

        Which doesn’t even get into the financial shenanigans being practiced by pretty much every ‘old and established’ institution.

        Does APMEX deliver if JP Morgan implodes?
        ($1.6T in off books derivative exposure? 90x leverage?)

        Or how about a CME default (CME/CBOT/COMEX/NYMEX/Dow Jones)? One company controlling that many primary marketplaces?

        seriously people.. you’re worrying about the wrong things..

        🙂 – always IMHO

    • Another + for AOCS silver..

      No counterfeiting.

      Eagles? Pandas? Buyer beware.


  11. As I await transcript from my conversation with CS Rep through I will report that when checking on my order place 4/29 and my check mailed 5/01. My bank statement shows that my check for 145.15 for 5 Ant coins cleared my WF Bank on 5/06. Jennifer reported to me that the check did not clear until 5/09, contrary to my bank report. She also stated that it takes ten days after check clears to process the order. After ten day processing it can take 14-21 days to ship my order. This seems like an extraordinary long time to ship product that was committed to be in stock when order was placed.

    I guess with all the corrective action and visits with Rob Gray, by Jack, and the “new and improved” Mulligan Mint I somehow expected faster service. I guess I will not run out and anxiously check my mail box for several more weeks.

    This activity today and viewing the videos on the SBSS site about the Freedom Girl coin and the Banner in the middle of the video about Mulligan Mint stealing designs give me pause and perhaps I still do not understand these silver dealer relationships.

    Oh Yeah $15/oz

  12. It’s a normal thing to wait weeks for metals. I’ve bought from another (before I found TSP) and it was a couple of months. Fairly normal from what I hear and I don’t mind waiting.

    Keep up the good work Jack. Amazing how little people have to do that they can find, create, foster division all over the place in their spare time. Perhaps joining 13 Skills would give some people ideas for productive pastimes.

  13. For all the folks worrying now about their orders – please stop worrying.

    I placed an order for a MM coin (the Atlas Shrugged/John Galt coin through TSPMint; it was a birthday gift for my teenage son who loves Atlas Shrugged) back when all the heyday was going on and production was backed up. A week later, all orders across all MM sites were stopped so that the mint could catch up production to the orders they had on hand. I thought it would be months before I saw my coin.

    I placed my order on 2/12. I received notice it had been shipped on 3/20. I had it in my hands a couple of days later.
    A little over a month despite all of the problems Rob had with equipment breaking, the other mint going under, silver supply problems, and a massive backlog of orders.

    The coin is in my son’s room, it’s a beautiful little piece of art, it’s minted perfectly with no flaws whatsoever, and we love it.

    Btw, yes, I’m one of those “small order” people that Chris Duane blames for ruining his life/business/whatever. I bought that coin as a gift. I’ll buy my next couple of coins because of the artwork and what’s behind them [TSP/MM], once TSPMint opens up credit/debit card orders again. Chris may not want my business because I’m not a bulk buyer, but I’m sure Rob wouldn’t turn me away for buying one or two coins at a time. Yes, I get essentially “screwed” on the price because of shipping, but it’s not JUST silver to me. If I wanted JUST silver I’d pick up some junk silver somewhere. But these coins are little pieces of art that represent something to me, and they’re my small way of helping support a business. The fact that they’re also silver that will always be worth something is a bonus.

    If you haven’t watched the video Jack did *at* Mulligan Mint, please do. You’ll see that Rob’s got backup parts now, he’s got production under control, he’s got quality under control, and they’re sailing right along.

    As for the “PT” person above claiming that Rob’s going to abscond to Singapore with everyone’s money – get real. That would make no sense. Rob’s put hundreds of thousands of dollars into more equipment and backup parts at MM. That’s the actions of someone who is settling in to do business, not take off and steal money. You sound like you’re either Chris posting under a fake name, or you’ve got your head so far up Chris’ ass that the lump in his throat is your nose.

    Jack – please get Rob to do a coin or bar that can be snapped into small pieces if necessary. I think those would *really* sell, and if they were available, I think folks would buy those instead of junk silver. There’s a huge market of people out there buying dimes because they want smaller amounts of silver to use when a full ounce would be worth way more than the trade they’re getting. A fractional bar would be awesome.

    • Carrie, Its a fact that at the time Rob met Chris, he was driving a clunker. Just a few short months after meeting him and launching SBSS series, he now flys back and forth to Singapore, lives in a mansion on a texas air strip, all while maintaining notable delays on delivery of customer orders. I wonder where he gets all of this money? Something stinks and the fraud or ponzi will be exposed very soon. Yeah, Rob comes off as very likeable at first. But so was Bernie Madoff. Until everyone who didnt get there money out early lost it all.

      • Um that is total and complete bullshit. I have known Rob for 5 years, he has been running around on an incredible motorcycle and driving nice cars since the day I met him.

        Really get off this bullshit slander based on lies and twisted contorted conjecture. How do I know this? When the AG Trading Center had lots of Grass Fed Beef I was buying regularly and Rob used to deliver it by the cooler full to my house.

        People like you are just tools of morons like Chris. You should go tell your fearful leader that instead of spending so much time talking about psychopathic behavior he should learn about another mental illness, megalomania.

        Megalomania is a psychopathological disorder characterized by delusional fantasies of power, relevance, or omnipotence. Megalomania is characterized by an inflated sense of self-esteem and overestimation by persons of their powers and beliefs.

        I could not describe Chris better if I tried.

  14. I think i will pass on this relaunch,52bucks for 1 oz proof and 67 for graded one,i much rather clue a 1 oz freedom girl on top of a slave queen and call it good ,the result is more silver for a better price,In the end its just silver only worth what someones willing to pay for it…

    • You do realize that those proofs are not all that is for sale right? The relaunch includes Slave Queen and Freedom Girl both which never completed their orginal promised term due to shutting things down during the backlog. Both are selling for 2.99 over spot.

  15. Great launch! Not. Only 2,700+ sold 🙁 Looks like Rob might just shut down this month and flee to Singapore. There just might be enough former SBSS customers that just dont give a shit.

    • I am not surprised, but that being said, I believe Rob and the mint will pull through. They’ve got more than one iron in the fire.

      • Yea I mean that is only 158,000 in sales of JUST THE PROOFS in a day, gee wiz, they must be starving. Again just the proofs.

        BTW I sold over 1,000 ounces yesterday via TSP Mint.

        Ba Bye Now! You are talking up to much of my time with lies and misinformation, use your own resources and platform for that.

        And before crying in your milk about your free speech see section 4 here,

        Your free speech doesn’t apply to my PRIVATE PROPERTY, you have just been asked to leave. Unlike Chris I don’t deny booting anyone, I am happy to do so publicly.

  16. Jack, On a MUCH happier note, is there any news on the 1/10 oz front? They have the 1/10 gold Texas piece, but I honestly saw it as a meh design. I would love to see something TSPish (or heck even SBSSish or Agoristish) in 1/10 silver (or gold or better yet platinum for that matter)

  17. jack.
    i appreciate your honesty and integrity in this situation and for me as i was waiting for my order to be filled it was exactly that history of honesty and integrity which i think helped me to keep my cool. my questions for the mint weren’t always answered the way i wanted to hear but at least there were replies. i hope i speak for more than just myself when i say your recommendation was enough for me to believe in the mulligan mint and ride it out. thank you for all you do and keep on rockin in the future!

  18. I can’t access the TSP Mint site.

    IE 10 gives me this message…

    “There is a problem with this website’s security certificate.
    This organization’s certificate has been revoked.
    Security certificate problems may indicate an attempt to fool you or intercept any data you send to the server.
    We recommend that you close this webpage and do not continue to this website.”

    With Firefox I get…

    “Secure Connection Failed
    An error occurred during a connection to
    Peer’s Certificate has been revoked.
    (Error code: sec_error_revoked_certificate)”

    Lastly, Chrome says…

    “The server’s security certificate is revoked!
    You attempted to reach, but the certificate that the server presented has been revoked by its issuer. This means that the security credentials the server presented absolutely should not be trusted. You may be communicating with an attacker.”

  19. @Jack You’re absolutely right, Chris did make a u-turn in terms of initially recommending only to buy silver as close to spot as possible. Some of us have called him out on it, but it was like water off a duck’s back.