Episode-406- Saving Seeds the How and Why — 4 Comments

  1. WOW now I know what my grandmothers were doing way back when. I was about 7 or so when I watched them put bags on flaowers and vegetable flowers. I didn’t see what they did before that time, but… They gave me seeds from their flowers that won awards at the fair and seeds from other plants. My folks’ back yard had all kinds of plants from seeds. I had forgotten about this until this show. Thanks Jack.
    That new seed exchange site is quite pretty. I don’t have seeds, but I’m going to go looking for some to exchange, per your suggestion. I’ll pass them along as well.

  2. Seed exchanges are great as long as you know who you are exchanging seeds with and trust their skill.

    Fact is, if you are growing more than one variety of vegetable, flower or whatever – unless a distance of at least 250\’ to 300\’ is maintained you will run the risk of cross pollination and have plants that are an F1 cross.

    This isn\’t the end of the world for something like zinnias, but can be a disaster for vegetables like acorn squash, tomatoes, broccoli, spinach, corn and way too many other veggies to list.

    I would strongly encourage folks who are just starting out, to only plant one variety of vegetable if is is their intent to hold back seed.

    Most people living in town & in the burbs don\’t have near enough ground to be breeding plants for seed.

  3. Flower seeds are really easy to harvest… I saved some from last year and plan to share. Great podcast, Jack! Thanks for providing us the link to the Heirloom Seed Swap.

  4. Jack, could you link to the studies about the mice eating GMO fish corn (or any other links you have at hand about why GMO crops are bad)?

    I’d like to show them to my family to start them down the road to procuring safe food.