Episode-2807- Saving Seed and Developing Your Own Varieties — 9 Comments

  1. Hi Jack! I’m in the Columbia Valley in BC — been here for just over one year. Apparently Monsanto paid a whole bunch of property owners to plant grains on their land … some still do maybe. What degradation would that have on the surrounding area, if any? I don’t think my property had been used as there’s no fields that would be appropriate but the neighbour does. Thank you for your extremely valuable knowledge & insight!!! I appreciate it!

    • Unless you are directly in the water run off or a farm spraying or trying to grow organic grain that could cross pollinate I would not even worry about it personally. As to the larger environmental damage it is huge but a much as I hate GMOs it is the plow that does the most damage.

  2. I haven’t listened in a while, hi Jack! I assume your a multi millionaire if you held any crypto, I wasn’t smart enough to. I have seen oath keepers in the news a lot lately, any thoughts?

    • Oathkeepers is dead to me, has been for ages. When the tin hat nonsense starts it ruins any organization. Sad as I was a founding member. But not only did Stewart hype Jade Helm in opposition to thousands of members saying it was a horrible play, once it was over and NOTHING happened he never accepted responsibility for lying about it. Nor for the thousands of active members who left due to it. This is what happens when you throw in with the Alex Jones crowd.

      • The problem with good Propaganda is it always has too much truth in it AND it is repeated too often …

        Just look at all the people who repost on twitter and facebook …

        • I should have added the entire chapter of Oathkeepers Pennsylvania basically seceeded from the mother organization over the same issue.

  3. Plant vegetable plants among your flowerbeds and in inconspicuous areas. There will come a time when you were glad you did.