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  1. I’ve been to the new site a few times and checked out his first 2 podcasts. Great job, Nick. I encourage others to check it out. I really like the beehive instructions.

  2. I just discovered SOS. I came across it on Facebook, so I checked out the site. I bookmarked it, subscribed to it in my Reader, and went back and read as many back articles as my eyes could stand. It’s definitely my current favorite website.

    I really enjoyed all of the articles that I read, but the one about the guy in Phoenix who turned his backyard pool into an absolute wonder has got to be my favorite. Check it out; it’s short. Amazing!

    I’m looking forward to the checking out the podcasts.

  3. I think Nick’s got a great thing going. He’s a good guy and very humble. I feel like I’m learning with him every time I read the site.

  4. Make sure to check out episode 2. nick interviews a guy who built his own electric car for only 1300 dollars. this episode is packed with valuable information for anyone is considering building their own electric car. ( or if you just curious like me…)

  5. thanks for the plug, i hope to keep bringing worthwhile information… I want to motivate people and let other beginners out there know that skills are in reach for everyone. Experts aren’t born they are the result of many experiences and YES mistakes too!

  6. WOW!!! I got a lot of info in the short time viewing. I’m taking out the crock to make some pickles today. I will be making the cheese press. Thank you for coming up with this site. A one spot that has most of the information I have been looking for around the net. Thank you.
    The host was a great pick as well. Now for the requests line….[grin] how to make a solar panel from the hardware store, how to build a retaining wall that also functions as a water disbursment for the garden,

    I love the how to’s….bookmarked, facebooked, and sucribed to the followups Thanks Jack.

  7. GOOD INFORMATION! Went over and did a quick overview of what Nick has done and the skills he’s bringing back to light. Most my grandmother and grandfather no doubt knew first hand or, had knowledge of someone who could help them. Now, we just throw money at challenges we could easily master.

    Thanks for an injection of inertia, Jack!