Save on S.O.E. Tactical Gear — 7 Comments

  1. I can vouch for John Willis and SOE Tactical. John is a totally quality human being. His gear is the best on the planet. Not only is it good, he’s one of us. I highly, highly recommend SOE gear.

  2. The only recommendation I can make to the site is to provide more/better pictures of the gear on people. I have a hard time picturing the size/scope of the bags because people are not in the pictures. Pictures with the gear in action would help me decide if it right for me.

  3. Placed an order with them over a year ago and never heard anything more about it. Never received anything nor was ever charged. I see several people online complaining of placing orders years ago and prepaying but never receiving any gear.

    Although, myself never a target, I’ve seen what has been said of people who talk I’d John taking their money and never delivering their goods. The personal attacks John has wrote on his Facebook page have kept me from contacting SOE about completing my order.

    I’m somewhat disappointed with Jack for supporting SOE with all the complaints out there of John taking their money and never delivering any product. The denying ever getting any money. Do a search. There is more then one complaint.

    • Seriously I lay this at your feet, you say you paid for an order, it didn’t get filled and then you never contacted them. Bullshit, that is all on you, besides if you deal with Kelly you are buying from a guy stocking the gear not directly and you can kiss my ass frankly. John supported SOE like crazy when we didn’t have a friend yet in the world and only a few dozen listeners, he gave away thousands of dollars in free gear to the audience and asked me for nothing in return.

      This is really sad, you have an issue on an order, don’t contact them, don’t contact me and then are disappointed that I support a man and company that helped get me off the ground.

      Oh before you go teacup nothing above is a personal attack, I didn’t call you a name or anything like that. I just stated the facts.

      • I never said I paid for the order. Quite the opposite actually. I did let them know through YouTube at one point that I placed an order and they forgot about it. They did say to contact them with the order details and they’d follow up on it. But after doing some searching on them I found several complaints of people sending money to them and never receiving any product. I even had SOE as a “like” on my Facebook page. But the personal attacks by John got old and were, at least in my mind, unprofessional.

        Oh and who is Kelly and how do they fit in anywhere in this? I’m talking about John Willis only.

        I understand the John Willis and O.S.O.E. has supported TSP but that doesn’t excuse his past behavior with taking people’s money and not delivering as well as his personal attacks on other forums and Facebook.

  4. OSOE gear is the best on the planet, and as for John Willis, he is a stand up guy. I have never had any problems dealing with SOE. I have even had the opportunity to meet John and his wife in person, great people, salt of the earth. They treat their employees well. All in all, if you want gear that won’t break and that you could even give to your kids one day, I encourage you to buy SOE gear.