Save 100 Dollars on the PermaEthos Plant Propagation Course — 16 Comments

  1. Thanks Jack and Nick, I have been wanting to take the course and now with the April discount and my MSB it’s just that much sweeter.

  2. I cannot get the MSB code to work. I get an error that the code does not work on items that are on sale.

    • I have an email into Joe about this issue, I am sure he will fix it soon. If you don’t want to wait just pay full price, send me an email an I will make sure we refund you the 25 bucks.

    • Just heard from Joe, problem fixed, thanks for telling us Jeff, thanks Joe for fixing it!

  3. I took this last year. It IS a GREAT course! I hope Nick does another PermaEthos course soon! He’s very knowledgeable about plants and the class was arranged perfectly!
    Maybe a class on pruning, coppicing, etc to get maximum yield?

  4. I took advantage of the savings and am taking the class now. I have gardened and saved tomato seeds for over 20 years. I have been a backyard orchardist for almost that long. I now have several acres to play with. Wanted this as a refresher course and to learn about propagating trees (up to this point, I’ve only grown willows and hybrid poplars from cuttings, and they really don’t need any help!). There are existing trees on the property, and I would love to have more of them. Lots of good, solid information that so far concurs with what I know. Some great diy content. Even though much of this is review for me, I am finding it valuable as it is nicely tying everything together things that I have learned (and forgotten) over the years. I want to make sure I have the basics down solid because I am at the beginning of growing a business for when I retire in 10 years. I think it will help me scale up from, say 100 tomato plants a season to 500. Or more. 🙂 I am REALLY REALLY looking forward to the advanced class.

  5. I took it just over a year ago and it is great. I now have a side backyard nursery business and have over 500 propagated plants I’ll be putting in a swale next month. The 500 plants would have cost me at least $5,000, but they actually cost me $0 because I propagated them myself.

    • Well, they cost you whatever their parent plants cost you [which might be free if you got scionwood or cuttings from a plant you either do not own or were given for free.]

      Still a tiny fraction of the cost of purchasing all those plants.

  6. As someone with many years in the nursery industry, both wholesale and retail, I can vouch for the value of this course. I signed up when it first opened up and believe it to be worth the full $350 and then some. Nick is very knowledgeable and the videos are well produced and easy to understand. The resources accompanying the videos are priceless. The additional savings of $100 off the course is a no-brainer.

    This course is well worth the money put into it, and as you can see from the comments, the return on your investment is guaranteed provided you do the leg work to make it happen. Do yourself a favor and sign up for this course. Trust me.

  7. Can someone tell me, is this course something two people could take together but at separate times/locations? I sometimes travel and would like to watch while on the road, but my wife could login and watch from home.

    Basically, is it just video content or would the class setup make it difficult for my wife and I to share a login?

    Also, can it be downloaded for watching while offline? Thanks for the info!

    • Absolutely, and we have no problem with a couple both taking a single course together. We do monitor for people sharing logins but we only bother to do something about it if it looks excessive.

  8. I want to take advantage of the sale but wonder if I can take the course over a a number of months? I assume this is an online course and is video based? Looking at the site, it seems that is the case. Thus, I wonder if I can retain the videos for my personal use? I won’t have time to take it all at once and will likely spread it out. Being able to do that and review things as needed would make this a great option for me! But if not, I would prefer to wait until I do have the time.

    So, can I download all the videos and peruse them whenever?

      • And yes you can download all the content as well so you don’t need internet access in the future to view it.