Episode-2502- Nicole Sauce on Making Community Count — 4 Comments

  1. I like that quote,  “You have to be ignorant to learn something”

    What a great podcast, I had to hit follow on Nicole’s facebook. I ask questions too, but I really want to know, cause that thing might fit this other thing if I have this thing-a-ma-jig that goes on a dumaflocher.

    Reminds me of Barbara Sher’s Success Team Group.



  2. Good show. What came to mind is how I perform so much better when I have a friend or son working with me on projects. It doesn’t mater what it is there is some sort of multiplier in both “two heads are better than one” and support and encouragement not to stall out.

  3. @danny I remodeled a duplex apartment and it took me about 9 months – in part because I moved really slowly doing things alone. Another part was that need for a third hand when doing projects. The GSD Crew spent a number of days helping with that one along the way!

  4. Nicole’s idea about writing down 3 things you must do today is a really good one.  I do that just about every day now, write down whatever the highest priority things are that I need to get accomplished.  It really helps to narrow down the never-ending list in your head regarding ‘I want to do this, I want to do that, then I want to do X’.

    Also, the feeling of accomplishment when knocking things off your list is fantastic!