Episode-2157- Sameul Zwaan on ARK Cryptocurrency and The Foundry Delegation — 7 Comments

    • I used Bittrex because I have an account there and ARK is on it. But if you go to Coin Market Cap and pull up any crypto and switch to “Markets” you will see the actual exchanges the pricing is derived from and trades there over the last day. So obviously any listed exchange there carries ARK.

  1. Moved substantial crypto to Ark on the dip ….and voted DPOS to thefoundry

    Thanks for the great content Jack!

  2. Yesterday I received my first payment back from The Foundry.  It was just half an Ark, but it made me feel good.  Then I purchased more on Binance, which more than doubled my number of Ark.

    Thanks for the suggestion Jack!  I believe the price will be going way up soon…

    • That should give you a payout of about .89 a week in ARK you can see a profit calculation based on delegate here

      Note The Foundry Pays daily but does a .5 ARK minimum payment so you should see a payout about every 4-5 days at that level of stake. Just pointing that out cause I have had more than a few where are my POS payments questions.

  3. Thanks for the calculator link Jack, I was looking for something like that, but didn’t find it. That all matches up exactly with what I’ve received so far. This is a really cool crypto, thanks so much for bringing it and the great work the foundry is doing, to our attention