Episode-570- Sam Coffman from — 7 Comments

  1. Thanks I watched Sam’s Youtube Channel. It is very relevant info since we also need to keep our bodys fit as well as being prepared and free from sickness or disease.

  2. Glad to hear from Sam again. I took his class Marjory’s and it was worth it… Even the 800 mile round trip drive.

  3. Whats the reason Berkey systems can’t be sent to CA?

    I looked on their page and didn’t see anything.

  4. Because California is full of jackasses in government even more then in many other places. They required a series of lab reports that no other state required. Berkey decided to tell California to go screw vs. pay a fee for lab work only California required.

    I have to say I would have done the same thing. Berkey has plenty of third part lab reports but California wanted the expenses paid a second time just to comply with California requirements. There were in my understanding also additional fees on top of this to do business in California. In the end Berkey decided the cost and administration to do business in California exceeded the value of the California market.

    In short California is one of the worst places in the world to do business in. The idiots running California make even the idiots in other state governments look intelligent.

  5. Oh, all you kooky “campers” are so cute! I just love shows like this.

    Wouldn’t it be fun if making fire was a requirement for high school graduation?


  6. I’m just getting caught up on some episodes I skipped around the holidays and really enjoyed this show. Great guest and even though the interview didn’t flow as well as you do with some of your other guests, the information was extremely valuable. I hope you have Sam on again as a guest. He seems to have the right idea on a number of topics that are important to me. I’m seriously considering some of his courses.

    Thanks Jack, keep up the good work.