Episode-1402- Frank Salzano on Firefly Gatherings and Primitive Skills — 3 Comments

  1. Toledo Ohio is the place with the bad water. I work with some people who have family members that got a bad rash and became sick after drinking and showering in the water BEFORE the warning was issued.

  2. Thanks Frank and Jack. I went to my first primitive skills gathering when I was 75, and being in that community changed me forever, however long that may be. This will be my fourth year. I took a granddaughter and her two children the second year which also changed them forever. The children were free to explore and learn in nurturing space many skills which they continue to do. I’ve held Nana Gatherings here with my own four generations family, who love and respect the benefits you all discussed today about the grounding that comes with a spiritual re-enforcement. I am also an active member of a bushcraft club with people I met in classes at the gatherings. Two things impressed me seriously at the gatherings. 1. The love and generosity between the generations. Children and teens sought me out, spent time with me, offered to be of help, and thanked me for teachings, which I only thought were conversations. 2. The large number of excited and skilled young people was gratifying and let me relax about the next generation. They will be ready for whatever comes their way. Thanks for your giving hearts, you two.

  3. Firefly gatherings is about an hour and half from me and I’ve never heard of it. I will be checking it out next year!