Episode-2066- Joel Salatin with War Stories from the Local Food Front — 5 Comments

  1. Agriculture and science: Whenever the Federal government invokes “science” or “evidence based” you should turn around and run for your life. Whether it is agriculture or nutrition or any number of other government regulated monopolies it is rarely about the science. The explanation for why things are the way they are generally always goes back to ideology and some combination of power and money.

    If you have been wasting your time trying to figure out why your food is what it is based on science, try Gary Fettke’s presentation
    Fettke is an Australian surgeon who got tired of doing amputations on type II diabetics and finally advised them to eat real food. He got sanctioned for the effort.

  2. Wanted to post the article about the soveirgn food bill in Maine.

    I was not aware of this. And it’s basically awesome! Here is why it is needed:

    Retberg was disheartened by a visit from a state inspector in 2009. He told her that although the Retbergs were using a licensed facility to butcher meat birds, since it was licensed to a friend and not them, their birds weren’t legal for sale.