Duck Chronicles Episode Seven – Swimming is Duck Heaven — 4 Comments

  1. Why did you get ducks so late in the year? Is it because your winters are so mild and here forever not a problem? Would you get ducks or chickens this time of year if you were 200 miles north of your old arkansas place?

    • Unless you are really far north this is/was a great time to get birds.  They fully feather out in about 8 weeks so we got ours on Sept. 15th so they will be fully feathered by Nov. 15th.

      They start laying at 22 weeks so we will have eggs this spring.  I much prefer fall brooding.

  2. Can you post the dimensions and/or plans for your duck tractors?  Also, I have heard that the pond gets very dirty, but that you have the on grass would seem to mitigate that?  Comments?

    • Honestly it is nothing but a box, I used 2x4x8 and cut the short dimensions in half so it is 4×8 feet.  Then I attached hardware cloth.  That is all.  But that also does not matter.  People really should not get attached to things like this, give them room to move and protect them, exactly how is not important.

      As to the water, they mess it up fast, it has to be dumped and refilled daily.