S3 – Episode Five – The Special Little Duck is Still Alive — 4 Comments

  1. They have ferocious appetites considering their size and age. How long before there are duck eggs for breakfast from them?

    • They start laying at 22-24 weeks. So about the first week of August which is planned because it about when the adults will molt.

  2. I would have thought that if they were socialized as chicks then they would still eat from your hand as adults like most animals would. I am surprised that they turn more feral as adults.

    • Flock mentality. All the videos you see of pet ducks on youtube are very unhappy ducks, they have no flock so bond to a person. They have anxiety whenever their people (flock) are gone. The cute videos of the duck waiting on the kid to come home from school, what that is amounts to a freaked out ducks with separation anxiety disorder. I need to talk about the concept of pet ducks in an episode soon.